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   With the enhancement of peoples health awareness, more and more families are concerned about the safety of drinking water, but also greatly promote the demand for household water purifier. However, faced with the complex category of water purifier brand, hard to pronounce difficult to understand the technical parameters, water purifier which brand? How to choose a water purifier brand.



   First, look at water quality

   water quality of each place is different ah, the water quality of the South is very different , in general the degree of water hardness is high, then the appropriate class of reverse osmosis water purification. The hardness of the water quality of the South is too small, but the southern region is an important non-ferrous metal producing areas, the heavy metal pollution in some places the water is more serious, so when choosing a home water purifier can be considered when ultra-filtration media to remove heavy metals contained in membrane water purifier.

   Second, given function

   to select the water filter must first clear their own purposes, first of all define the concept from large to purification or demineralized water. Purified water is the removal of sediment, impurities, bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine, organics and some minerals. Demineralized water to remove calcium and magnesium ions, the most direct, that is to scale.

   Third, select the brand

   different brands, the quality of the decision are not the same, we need to consider is the big brand, reputation, high brand recognition, quality must cross the border. For example, Yu Quan water purifier, water purifier has a wealth of experience in more than a decade. We have a strong R & D team, large-scale production lines, a complete after-sales chain. From every million units to the reputation of the spring water purifier is always the consumers point of view, foreign consumers to provide impeccable service. So that every consumer can drink the healthy water.

   Fourth, look at service

   on the after-sales service, add fresh water to do so that consumers peace of mind, but also in product quality do consumer confidence, in addition to24-hour service to be perfect outside, plus fresh water purifier is to do 12 large agents to join support policies, strict implementation of regional protection area will not be a repeat investment, so let the water purifier agents ease of development, stability and development.

   plus fresh water purifier has a strong strength in the market, is currently the technology leader in water purifier manufacturers, with first-class professional-quality performance, consumers can our products are assured, water purifiers franchisee is more optimistic about our brand, has been widely recognized by the market, is now the greatest competitive advantage, water purifier which brand is good, choose fresh water plus you can not go wrong! simultaneously blank for the national water purifier hot investment area, water purifiers joined, water purification agents, welcomed the entrepreneurial investors around the country come to consult cooperation

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