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  In source water purifier brand agency security of, whether you are a dealer, or a water purifier to join, word of mouth marketing is the marketing of the Road starting point, and to do word of mouth marketing, we have to do that:


[ 123] an agent at the source of the water purifier brand, whether you are a dealer, or a water purifier to join, word of mouth marketing is the marketing of the Road starting point, and to do word of mouth marketing, we want to make several points: the commitment, the commitment of the issue promises to give a commitment credible spokesperson.


   reputation is to let everyone know that your mood, and you might have to flirt. Any person engaged in marketing, should start from the mouth, which is the marketing of the Road. No word of mouth, the result will be very sad reminder. We tend to attach great importance to learning the art of marketing is, in fact, these patients are to be built on the reputation of the trail.



   water purifier marketing story


   promises and commitments issued, which is the key water purifier marketing. The point, that is, they say pain points, home improvement orders like snowflakes, love completely turn around space for a long time no orders.

   commitment to hit the key pain points, which is the first step, the rest depends on really serious fulfilled, despite promises when it comes to the hearts of the consumers, does not mean you will be successful, cash is complete. This is a multiplicative relationship, some people regard him as an addition, it would be wrong. Because there 鎵胯涓嶅厬鐜? what is called? Well liar! Previous ad writing are good, but that can be done is the key. Consumers will believe you.

   marketing, is the process of making and commitment to honor the commitments. See if a brand to be durable, you go to see if it dares to make a substantial commitment, we should also see if it promises. Error does not matter whos right? This is the time to show your commitment to faith. Honor, you are the brand; lie, you are a liar

  , the source of: Commitment word of mouth marketing success requires anything under pain point design

  , are inseparable from three elements: realize bit! , the right way, the tool easily. First, good design your commitment is real find your audience and audience demand.

   yesterday, I and the sum of the country, the source of ZhangUS party always talked for four hours, in which there is a question asked Zhang: Can you tell me, buy me, the source of other reasons not to buy if just for this reason when it comes to consumers pain points, there will be a lot of people? take the initiative to spread.

   water purifier can spread through word of mouth marketing story

   Mining pain points need to explicitly demand rather than need to find the real demand, to meet him. Like a lot of marketing people talk about now dry goods, which is required, is a real demand Zayang can pin and more sales.



   water purification products Story


   human nature, listen to the story. Our commitment to spread through storytelling. We talk about a good story in five areas:

   The first story enterprise business model, you tell a partner and investor.

   The second vision is the story about one of your subordinates, so that they can "Follow me."

   The third story is, the source of the product, so that the audience want to buy.

   The fourth is to sell the story, solve the "who I am" "Why I can" "you can have any interest and others differences" action instruction "by the story of the five information vivid way his right, you are a super sales.

   The fifth is the water purifier brand story.

   tell a good story of five by the time the four channels:

   tell a good story in four scenes, also need training, this is the first public speech since the media and face this is the second media, event marketing, and by means of which the third, this is the fourth sales atmosphere of the scene. We refer to this as "the first business show" This is the need to train and master. We can see that Zhang Haier, Alibabas Jack Ma, Zhang, the source of the total, are successful in this system.



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