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  While our bodies contain a lot of water, but we were a little impatient and thirsty, like camels, can not drink water for many days, we do not drink harm to the body, but very large.



   Water is the source of life, often only drink water, we can ensure the water needs of the body.

   While our bodies contain a lot of water, but we were a little impatient and thirsty, like camels, can not drink water for many days, we do not drink harm to the body, but very large.

   once did not drink water, it is easy to cause dehydration, which will give our bodies bring irreversible damage, but drink water, nor is it what the water is drinkable.

   1, a boil water to drink

   people to drink boiled water is good practice to, but you know what? Not a boil water to drink. Because our tap water is chlorinated, with chlorine and residual organic matter in water binding, it will produce a variety of halogenated hydrocarbons carcinogenic compounds, chloroform and the like.

   when boiling water, it may take three steps:

   1 first came out first followed by tap water left standing for a longer burn.

   2. When the lid is opened to open the water quickly.

   3. After the water and three minutes and then turn off, you can make the chlorine content of the water down to the safety standards for drinking water, is the real "water"

   2, drinking fountains never wash

   have been very popular whether at home or the office, in public places, have you ever thought, with fountains in there since and have not "taken a bath." People drink dispenser seemingly good quality water, but in reality "secondary pollution" very serious.

   Whenever the dispenser faucet is opened, hear "gurgling" sound, bucket pulls train of bubbles, which is into the air, dust and microorganisms can be brought.

   According to the environmental health monitoring department test data show, hot and cold water dispenser bile inside the barrel in three months wash large population of bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus.

   Therefore, once a month to clean, clean summer two weeks time. Drinking fountains office because frequent use, more spare no cleaning.

   3, drink bottled water

   easy to carry, apartCover drink, in China, bottled water consumption is increasing at a rate of 30% per year. International Food Packaging Association executive vice president of Dong Jinshi has pointed out that bottled water PET bottles used often contain substances that may lead to chronic poisoning of the body. Especially when the bottle in a hot environment, or did not open in time to drink, harmful substances will seep water, hazardous to health.

   Thus, the bottled water must not heat or exposure. "A lot of people like to put a water tank in the car, it is not right, especially in the summer, trunk temperature is very high, easy to harmful substances into the water." Water purifier manufacturers, the source of recommendation, to buy a good quality to bring their own water bottle water, safe and environmentally friendly.

   4, to drink thousands of boiling water

   "Now more and more families electric kettle, a lot of people burn a drink endless water, boil a moment and repeat. This thousands of boiling water do not drink. "Zhao Feihong said, boil the water as much as possible when the time drinking, do not repeated heating.

   A lot of people worry about drinking water is not the thousands of boiling water, due to material limitations, drinking water temperature is generally about ninety degrees, reach the boiling state, not the thousands of boiling water. "But the time to drink bottled water is 1-15 days after the shipment, if more than 15 days, bacteria in the water is too large, it is not appropriate to drink."

   5, thirsty without water

   [ 123] national survey data show that seven adults were found thirsty to drink water. Little do they know when you feel thirsty, your body has lost at least 1% of moisture. Not drink water to quench their thirst, but their involvement in metabolism, absorbed by the body, prolonged water shortages will increase blood viscosity, induced cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

   At the same time, pay attention to the water, the lower the desire to drink, people will become more and more "dry." So, the source of water purifier manufacturers prompt you, no matter thirsty must timely pay. When they go out hands to bring a bottle of water, ready to drink; the office or at home put more than a few cups, they must attack, have the opportunity to drink.

   6, 6 glasses of water a day to drink enough

   working people often neglect to drink water because of work, the long run, bladder and kidney will suffer. Live in mild climates, adult light physical activity, recommends a minimum of 1200 ml of water per day, an amount of about 6 cups. If the volume of the activities, sweat more, the corresponding increase in the amount of water, and timely pay.

   Some people may ask, has previously said that no less than 2000 ml drink 8 glasses of water a day that is why there are only 1200 ml? In fact, the total amount of 2000 ml of water a day is needed, fruits and vegetables contains a lot of water even the staple food, meat has, the body needs water, a large part comes from food. 6 cups is the lowest amount of ordinary people, while others need to drink more, see more personal physical. For example, people who drink water to relieve irritable mood, fat people drink plenty of water to keep the weight off, after exercise, after a bath also have to replenish moisture.

   7, do not follow the constitution water, beverages on behalf of the water

   "did not taste of boiled water, or drink it." Many children cola every day, fruit drinks their hands, with drinks instead of water, tantamount to spend money on themselves sick. "Not only would not achieve the role of replenishment to the body, but also reduces appetite, affect digestion and absorption." Zhao Feihong said. If you must drink water there is taste, but also according to their constitution, appropriate improvements.

   such as constipation can drink honey water or juice, can promote intestinal peristalsis; Wei Han people to drink less cold green tea, herbal tea, fruit juice, tea drink warm stomach, ginger syrup . Water of Life, not really drink can help, but this way of drinking water will bring great health benefits, insist on drinking have longevity effect.

   Some people think every day we have gained a lot of water from food, without water nothing. It is true that our daily diet already contains a lot of water, but we have to discharge a lot of water every day, ah; I went into the drinking water, not only were all we consume, as we have a lot of sweat and urine excreted ; so by replenishing moisture, water discharge, so that we maintain the vitality of the body in a constant cycle.

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