Water Purifier Association president Gu Chuan long visit Jin

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May 11, 2015, Shenzhen Li Yuen water purification equipment Ltd. Water Purifier Association president welcomed Mr. Gu Chuan long line, Li Yuen IN TRADITIONAL general manager personally greeted and shown around. Li Yuen on the previous week was awarded the vice president of the Guangdong Association of water purification units.

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   from left Mr. President of China Association of Gu water industry long pass, third from left, general manager of Mr. Li Yuen IN TRADITIONAL

   In Jinliyuan very modern and technological sense exhibition hall, Jiang Gu long as the total mass of Li Yuen president and his party introduced the latest scientific research, as well as RO50A-5, RO50A-8 two practical new products. Jiang always said: "In order to better control product quality, Li Yuen are independent R & D model production, but also very strict testing procedures, both pure water enriched with the latest technology of water purification industry, as well as the Li Yuen self-developed patents, should be regarded as by far the most advanced water purification products market after well received by consumers, sales are substantial. "

   so-called outsiders watch, experts see Road one, Mr. Gu Chuan long people with the most authoritative voice as the water purification industry, the overall status of the development of the water industry, the development direction, prospects have a unique understanding. He said: "In the new normal, inevitable universal water purifier, water purifier convenient, energy-saving, intelligent development trend of the future, all of these activities Jinliyuan are also deployed around, it is not easy. in the homogenization of serious moment, Li Yuen can lightness finds, adhere to the road of independent innovation, and impressive results, worthy of admiration. after the "water 10" was announced, the rapid development of the industry has gradually become a reality, the current net water, either investment or practicality are greatly improved and achieve one hundred billion market size is at hand. "

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