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   Some people feel that the HC purification network quality of tap water is getting worse, heavily polluted areas and even open water could smell an odor, drink it is also strange that he could not drink it, let alone with the children, and how the do not worry, have a safe home water purifier.

   However, some friends will think the water purifier in fact not very useful, but only to pay for peace of mind, even installed a water purifier, tap water of harmful substances, like many of the others, so there is no enough budget this need to waste money.

   Today we talk about water purifier knowledge.

   What are the impurities in water?

   of harmful substances probably include: large foreign particles, bacteria, viruses, antibiotics, heavy metals, inorganic, organic and so on.

   drinking polluted water can cause a lot of problems, ranging from whole body weakness, poor memory, muscle pain, dizziness, headache, weight affected kidney, central nervous system.

   the size of impurities in the water

   Bacterial: 0.4 to 5 micrometers;

   Virus: 0.01 to 0.1 micron;

   Antibiotics: 0.001-0.01 micrometers;

   [ 123] Heavy Metals: 0.0005-0.005 microns;

   inorganics: 0.0002-0.0005 microns;

   organic compounds: molecular weight> 100.

   water purifier how to filter these harmful substances?

   water purifier usually by physical blocking, and other methods to achieve adsorption filter, with a filtration membrane common core: ultrafiltration membrane (0.01 micrometer pore size filter), nanofiltration membrane (filter pore size 1-2 nm), and RO Reverse osmosis membranes (0.0001 m) and the like.

   The higher the

   precision filtration, the filtered water will be more pure.

   Lets take purifier cartridge with five analogy:

   First stage: PP cotton. Preliminary filter can be removed coarse particles of impurities in water, sludge, colloids, suspended matter and the like;

   Second stage:Granular activated carbon. Adsorption of odor, color, organic matter, heavy metals and other part;

   Third stage: activated carbon rod. Further remove chlorine, organic compounds, color, odor, turbidity;

   Fourth stage: RO reverse osmosis membrane. 0.1 nm pore size, clearance of water bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and other organic impurities;

   Fifth stage: activated carbon post. Adjust the PH value of the water and improve taste.

   filter is not better?

   NO! Different filter effect of different materials, so it is not better filter. For example, you can put a bunch of simple filter cartridge together, the effect is certainly not as good as a high-performance filter.

   Therefore, we are generally selected from the home water purifier ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis membrane, the filtering effect is relatively good, cost is also high.

   water purifier how to choose?

   recommend chlorinated water, color odor heavier, higher organic content of city water, activated carbon can use large amounts of household water purifiers.

   For the urban and the water is turbid water purification, you should buy coarse filter, fine filter dual function of household water purifiers.

   For severely contaminated water, filtered off and thoroughly claim any impurities in the water, no heating is direct consumption, can use reverse osmosis water.

   In addition, when we buy a water purifier Note also that there are no guarantees, health permits, 3C certification and product quality insurance.

   Finally, the family decided to buy a water purifier, remember to do the cleaning work, regularly change the filter, keep the water purification effect.

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