Plastic cup with a long time how toaste

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   device is a very convenient tool for drinking water, but no matter what kind of cup, long-term use will have some stains, there will be a lot of smell, plastic cup with a long time how to taste, what kind of approach is more good knowledge base to help you analyze.




There are many health experts have advocated best to drink eight glasses of water a day, but in what the safest drinking water cups must be carefully chosen, we must know more about the family drinking water Tips as long as it can let water become a real health behavior.


lives using plastic cups to drink so many people, though particularly convenient to use plastic cups, but if a long time, but also have a lot of smell, plastic cup with a long time how to taste? This time it must be timely cleaning, or is likely to affect their health, while cleaning must master the method, do not use abrasive cleaners relatively strong, or very easy to damage plastic cup material, not only will affect the re-use, and it is easy to release toxic substances.


to saline taste Method


The first wash with detergent and clean inside the cup, then the cup was poured into dilute brine, even after shaking, standing for two hours, and finally the cup inside can be cleaned.


vinegar to taste Method


The first wash with detergent and clean inside the cup, then add vinegar water cleaning, and scale can be simultaneously deodorized, i.e. finally clean the inner cup can.


orange peel to taste Method


The first with a detergent cup clean and fresh orange peel (or lemon) into the cup, tighten the lid is placed about four hours, can be cleaned within the last cup.


Xiao Bian remind you, it is best not to long-term use plastic cups to drink water, especially not used to hold water, juice, coffee and other drinks, because after a lot of high-temperature plastic cup encounter, will release harmful body substances, the best use glass or stainless steel cup, so as to make the body more healthy.




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