Water purifier companies follow the market demand

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鍑€姘村櫒浼佷笟 璺熼殢甯傚満闇€姹? width= water purification industry in the country after ten years of development, water purifier companies want to successfully break in times of hardship, it is necessary insight into the trends of the times, the flow, in order to obtain business opportunities.

   they be product differentiation competitive advantage

   Today, in spite of technological innovation, but in a market economy, most businesses is to select "copy", "me too, how to completely lose the power of innovation , the industry fell into a cycle of research and development of new products without technical maturity, but also let homogeneity, price wars become a headache topic within the industry. many dealers say they are now looking forward to the most is the 2015 new listing, there is a good new market blank period, addition is whole body art, others can not imitate. We can say that relying on technology to seize market the highest point, the water purifier has been a key means to grasp the advantages of the initiative.

   [123 ] lifting after-sales service is the key to

   water purifier now in addition to its use value, technology has gradually become the focus of attention. but technology alone, companies may still have been defeated. in the mobile phone industry, Apple has been able to beat Nokia, the technical level is not the key reason, one of the key factors why the success of Apples phone is concerned about consumer demand, personalized service through design, marketing experience with leveraging the fulcrum of the pattern of change .

   product design must follow the market demand

   barbaric growth in the water purification industry, the period of rapid development, product development just focus on the product itself, focusing force from the process point of view, is a typical feature "What manufacturers, dealers what to sell," the so-called R & D "behind closed doors" period; later, the water purification industry gradually began to focus on market views collected from the national terminal markets and the companys frontline sales staff or market information at home and abroad Show information, combined with their own brand and product designers creative research and development, it has gradually become the norm currently operate water purification companies to develop new products. Finally, especially in recent years, water purifier companies began cultivating designer channels, cross-border cooperation , product development trend began to pay attention to guide designers and end-use applications such as those of consumers, distributors and other peoples views into product development.

   in the water purification industry competition, the crowd, follow the trend of plagiarism often they can not get consumer recognition, only a unique style, without losing the characteristics of the product in order to obtainWe have to consumers. Water purifier business in the future, only keep up with consumer demand, timely adjustment of strategic layout, in order to dominate the Ngau Tau in the water purification industry.

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