The most valued consumers buy water purifi filtmaial

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   water purification industry is currently low barriers to entry, product homogeneity is serious, good and bad quality, the lack of mandatory national standards, and claimed many functions, dazzling, people often feel at a loss when buying mind. So, buy a water purifier, what you most value? Last week, reporter launched an investigation.



   survey, "water purifier filter material" is the most important to the public, 61.9% of people choose this; 15.8% of people choose to "function"; 14.9 % of people choose to "brand"; select the "price", "according to the family to buy water," the public each accounted for 3.7%.

   The industry said that the purchase of water purifiers, first of all should be combined with the actual needs of their own quality and water to buy, from the survey results, only a few people realize this. Secondly, often the big brands give consumers more quality assurance. Currently water purification industry more confusion, all kinds of water purification products related to the implementation of enterprise standards are, therefore, best to buy water purifiers to choose a quality assurance brand, choose a qualified certified products. As the water purifier filter basically use 3 to 6 months need to be replaced, the public should also consider the issue of replacement and service aspects of the water purifier filter.

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