Water purification industry in the savage growg brands need

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   2015, in the case of market shocks of the appliance industry, water purification equipment market is still maintained rapid growth, but it is undeniable that the industry is still in the stage of barbaric growth, how to regulate market competition, promote the sound development of the industry, the problem is industry-wide collective need to think about.

   European and American, Japanese and Korean water purifier market penetration rate of 60% -90%, but our water purification products overall penetration rate of less than 5%, the market is still large, the growth rate is expected to develop in the future of the water industry It will remain at 40% -50%.

   of the water purification industry is still in the early stages of development, the market is still very non-standard, often-criticized a number of industry chaos. Professional Committee of China Association for Quality Inspection of water purification equipment Dengrui De chairman and secretary general, said uneven level of water purification products industry, not much brand-name products, a large number of brand-name trademarks, cottage water purifiers, shoddy products in the market, false advertising, services system is not in place, the price artificially high and so is widespread. Mr. Zhang Jiangquan Vishay Dayton chairman also said that many water purification companies are to seize the online marketing platform, false propaganda is serious, the industry is not standardized, resulting in a water purifier market chaos, which is still at the water purification industry in the early stages, immaturity, but it is also an opportunity.

   At present, the Chinese consumer awareness of healthy drinking water has yet to be improved, companies should do more to consumers of drinking water safety education, to allow consumers to pay attention to the water purification industry and products. In addition, the industrys leading brands, such as Vishay Dayton, the United States, also have to do the lead role in promoting the standardization of the market.

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