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   As time progresses, the annual two-eleven shopping spree around the corner, this is not only part of the major electricity supplier marketing event, but also the consumers chop hand section. " Double eleven electricity supplier of instant warm-up set off a wave of panic buying, but compared with previous years, consumer attitudes have begun to return to the rational. From the water purifier industry point of view, function and practicality products have become consumers to buy the primary assessment criteria.

   Although tap water filtered through layers come home, but the quality of some bacterial impurities entrained inevitably difficult to identify with the naked eye, the elderly and children to drink such water can cause diarrhea and other diseases. To protect the health of their families and avoid from the mouth, more and more consumers choose to purchase a home in Patio water purifier. As a two-eleven shopping carnival, choose this moment to purchase water purification machines can also save a lot.


鍏崇埍鐐规淮鍋ュ悍 娌佸洯鍑€姘存満绾︿綘鍑€浜弻鍗佷竴

   Patio announced during the two-eleven will launch 50 balance public water purifier Taobao, Lynx, Jingdong and other platforms, heavy launch QR-RO-05A, QR-RO-05B and other main model, help fuel for the left-behind children healthy drinking water. Due to lack of understanding and filter technology, consumers tend to have a lot of concerns, both to meet the required family, but also hope to start with cheap price.

   Patio staff said, "QR-RO-05A mounted on stage can, can have 5 to bacteria cleaning filter material, effectively filter harmful substances in water. Waste water technology than can be do 1: 1 water-saving save money, this model also has dual outlet design, five filters water to drink, tea, three water purification filter can be used to cook vegetables, very suitable for home use In addition, QR-RO-05B also adopted Ali cloud intelligent design, Internet and mobile phones, remote operation constantly monitoring the water quality directly APP ".


鍏崇埍鐐规淮鍋ュ悍 娌佸洯鍑€姘存満绾︿綘鍑€浜弻鍗佷竴

   At present, Patio in Lynx, Jingdong, Gome, Suning, the only product other major electricity supplier platform flagship stores, specialty stores and major stores Joint create Offer matrix, discharged part of the main push model before reservation benefits bis XI. November 1 to November 10, Patio Lynx flagship store launched the national "net enjoy carnival" super feast, activities include straight down 600 yuan, hundred coupons, Disney tickets, iphone7 and one hundred yuan spree Promotions. Although the

   is available double elevenIt was carnival, but the carnival as consumers need to remain calm state of mind, one can consult the detailed product selection to ensure the desired water purifier, it can also shop around to enjoy more preferential benefits.

   understand Patio water purifier brand details, please click on 娌佸洯

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