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   Currently, each row of each row are talking about "innovation", and how innovation has become a moment in front of the industry inside and outside the "big bucket." Pace along the water purification industry development, industry chaos and other problems ensued, which lacks its own original capacity of the water purifier business, leading to the cottage plagiarism among enterprises is serious, a serious impediment to the development of the industry. In addition, the high cost of research and development, but also the weight of some of the water purifier business is difficult to kick the air, the road of innovation is particularly difficult.


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particularly difficult road of innovation original water purifier business plan at the price of a full stop (Source network)

   original type of water purifier business the advantages of more and larger

   the mobile Internet era, to some extent, is a chance to re-shuffle, the major water purifier companies stood facing the same challenges and opportunities on the same starting line. Some focus on product style, design, original style of water purifier business, you can use the Internet, locate a particular field or even a single product, to create the perfect solution for so-called "explosion models." This path will obviously brighter than caught in the homogenization of endless price competition.

   Moreover, with the spirit of the original craftsman-type water purifier enterprises in the mobile Internet era, it is easy to have their own place. They either highly competitive products, or have a highly creative customer solutions, or by virtue of the advantages of capital and technology, to achieve the ultimate cost-effective products, and the use of the Internet platform to flex its muscles. And then with the "social platform + localization + mobile phone + consumer experience store" marketing model readily available, water purifier business will completely change can occur.

   to seize the next opportunity a subversive is that you

   "It was the best of times, worst of times," mobile Internet era, there is no eternal evergreens, every a water filter companies are treading on thin ice, immersive abyss. Todays winner, the industry giant, perhaps in the near future, there is likely to be modest outer edge of the industry gradually cut by subversion.

   Todays small businesses with innovative products or models, barbaric growth, there may be momentary bigger and stronger. Or outside the industry to bring capital and technology advantages of the enterprises, with the third-party platform mobile Internet, most likely the rise of a new storm in the water purification industry.

   Water PurifierEnterprises must understand that destiny into their own hands, their own business only to seize the new opportunities given by the times, in order to have possible comeback!

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