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  Tim net water purifier water purifier for the quality and integrity of the leading brands of the efforts: water purifier Views: 363 Published: 2017-12-12 11:18:51 direction of the major manufacturers of water purifiers force towards product quality, product innovation, brand satisfaction, brand awareness, after-sales efforts to after-sales satisfaction with the development of a line of defense for every water purifier manufacturers are very important. They affect water purifier manufacturers market share. According to survey data relevant institutions show that my country water purifier market from price competition, quality competition transition to brand image and quality as the cornerstone of a new stage of brand competition, brand awareness has become the first factor affecting brand satisfaction. Mature markets led to water purification industry evolved into a brand consumer age. Water purifier enterprises should always focus on product quality, product design, providing a stable and reliable quality water purification products and services. This years November, Tim net water purifier always adhere responsible for the product, consumers and responsible attitude, to guide rational consumption, improve brand competitiveness fundamentally. In the year 2017, HC purification ceremony organized by the network of water purification, Tim net water purifier in the market by virtue of stable quality performance won the 2017 annual water purifier brand leader in quality and integrity.

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