Tim Golden Eagle Construction Bank net good water to drink

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  Tim Golden Eagle Construction Bank net good drink of water: Tim net water purification Views: 473 Published: 2017-4-10 16:18:31 China Construction Bank As the earlier developed state-owned banks, to provide professional and financial services convenient payment experience. And is located in Nanjing Xinjiekou Golden Eagle International Shopping Center of China Construction Bank, recently used tim net commercial water purification machine TS400, and with water boiler and drinking fountains, healthy water in one step. 閲戦拱寤鸿閾惰鍠濅笂鎭噣濂芥按 Tian Tian net net TS400 + hot line speed machine (water boilers), is a classic of drinking water with the program, the net commercial Tim added water purifier, CCB employees committed to clean and safe drinking water to drink, Tim net clean water seem to have heard the Golden Eagle construction Banks sister who say: so happy! 閲戦拱寤鸿閾惰鍠濅笂鎭噣濂芥按 TS400 is Tim net water purifier series of commercial products, commercial reverse osmosis water purifiers, small in size but big flow, suitable for offices, workshops, and other crowded areas, at room temperature, flow rate can reach TS400 60L / h. Meet a large number of centralized water needs.

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