What is to remove water softening

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   due to the hard water which contains a lot of calcium, magnesium and other minerals, too much attitude, then it should be softened, then what is to soften hard water to remove it? Let Xiaobian to brief about it.




is generally used at home, which is the hardness of the water quality, although derived from the quality of water, but the water supply device and the process line, may also result in increased water hardness, especially the higher the hardness of the region, the bulk of its pipeline is relatively higher, the more likely to cause rising material hardness solubility in water, hard water must soften it? In fact, if hard water to meet drinking water standards, then there is no need to be hardened, but if necessary to soften the hardness is too high, then what is to soften hard water to remove it?


is mainly water softening ion exchange principle, the source water calcium and magnesium ions displace out of the water flowing out is to remove calcium and magnesium ions, low hardness demineralized water. When the amount of ion absorbed by the resin must be regenerated after the calcium and magnesium ions - the resin layer with saturated brine flooding, the calcium and magnesium ions on the resin exchange out, restore exchange capacity of the resin, and the waste water is discharged.


The following small as we introduce a method of water softening is:


1, precipitation method: with lime, soda ash process, so that the water Ca2 +, Mg2 + to generate precipitate filtered after too soft, wherein the manganese, iron and other ions can also be removed.


2, water softener


(1) Na3PO4: 3CaSO4 + 2Na3PO4 鈫?Ca3 (PO) 4 鈫?+ 3Na2SO4


(2) Sodium hexametaphosphate: Na4 [Na2 (P03) 6] + Ca2 + 鈫?Na4 [Ca (P03) 6] + 2Na +


(3) acetic acid derivatives of amines (EDTA): with Ca2 +, Fe2 +, Cu2 + plasma generation chelates.


3, ion exchange:


(1) Principle: an inorganic or organic substance with a mixed gel formation exchanger core, surrounded by two layers of different.


The electric double layer charge, the ion-exchange may occur through the water.


cationIn other solvent: H +, Na + and solid Ca +, Mg2 + ion exchange.


anion exchangers: gene-containing basic, anion exchange can be water.


(2) Common exchangers:


A, zeolite: sodium aluminum silicate hydrate


Na2O 途 Z + Ca (HCO3) 2 = CaO 途 Z + 2NaHCO3


Na2O 途 Z + CaSO4 = CaO 途 Z + Na2SO4


B, sulfonated coal:


2Na (K) + CaSO4 = Ca (K) 2 + Na2SO4


2H (K) + CaSO4 = Ca (K) 2 + Na2SO4


C, the ion exchange resin


4, electrodialysis: powered DC power supply, so that selectively ion-permeable resin in water to obtain soft water exchange membrane.


5, magnetization: flowing water through a magnetic attractive force between the reduced, calcium, magnesium salts molecule, easy to produce hard scale


Domestic water bite: drink when the water hardness is too high them unpalatable, easy to produce a white precipitate in water scale, such as a scale attached to the container or the heater is heated, the heating time will be extended, waste of energy. Water hardness is high, it is not easy to foam soap, detergent needed more waste. After the scale into the body, can not be absorbed, it is the enemy of health.




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