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   household water purifier because of its own function and role, so now the owners of the home improvement water purifier has become more and more! But after all, not a water purifier cheap stuff, plus the effect it produces for our health has a direct influence, so those who are ready to install water purifier owners, prior to installation, will consider a number of issues regarding water purifier! home water purifier, to achieve what level to be qualified? [123 ]



   in tap water, some water-soluble harmful substances, as well as the bacteria we use less than the naked eye, are important factors that affect water quality! water purifier role, is to eliminate them!

   water purifier we choose when to seize its key place to compare, which is an important water filter cartridge! different brand of water purifiers and water purifiers different prices, in fact, they are the filter there is a difference! but equally as water purifiers, these cartridges is always remain the same! qualified as a water purifier, it should contains 4 filter, and then the remaining number of relatively good quality, which will further increase the number of travel on this basis!

   qualified water filter cartridge generally includes four species, they They are PP cotton, carbon rod, ultrafiltration membranes, activated carbon. Wherein the action is mainly PP cotton filter large foreign particles, it allows us to see visually remove impurities. The major role played by the carbon rod, the adsorption of water off the rust taste and smell bleach water, so as to make the water become no taste, give us a good experience! Ultrafiltration membrane water purifier filter is an important part of it is the role to get rid of some tiny particles of harmful elements in the water purifier has been bacteria, fungi and microorganisms in the water, if no membrane, and that the number of cartridges other more, this is not a water purifier ! qualified role of activated carbon adsorption is once again missing out some of the stuff out of the water before the filter, the water becomes pure water

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