Summer shelf life of bottled water

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   for bottled water, we are not unfamiliar. But on its retention period, but word of different issues. 2020-06-05 small series to introduce the shelf life of the summer issue of bottled water.




Now many families are large bottled drink pure water. Indeed, the bottled water that is stylish and convenient, and drink hot, drink cold, or at room temperature are with their own will. But drinking bottled water in a bucket of water to more households are generally long does it change? Summer shelf life of bottled water is ambiguous it? 2020-06-05, small series to introduce household water little knowledge in this area.


There are two general, a measure of the total number of colonies of microorganisms in drinking water, a total E. coli. In general, most cases are qualified coliform, the main problem is the total number of colonies exceeded, and this along with the total number of colonies exceeded the longer you use excessive will be more serious. There are so many people use bottled water, it should be noted that the issue of bottled water cycle, cycle as short as possible.


on the market with mineral water and pure water main. Bottled water shelf life is generally 3 months, but it is not opened after the drinking period. Bottled mineral water is best finished 7 days drinking pure water as much as possible and do not exceed 10 days, a long time is very easy to breed bacteria.


but we accepted that, when the shelf life of bottled water in unopened usually about a month; after opening, a week in winter, summer is best to finish 3-4 days; dispenser during use , we should pay attention to regular cleaning; in addition, if the home is like fish, plant flowers, raising bonsai and the like, but also the water dispenser away from these items.


by the introduction of small series, you are not already mastered the knowledge of bottled water in the summer shelf life, and if you want to learn more about how drinking bottled drinking water to be healthy little knowledge of security, came to attention small series of articles in it, there are many families drinking little knowledge about drinking water safety.




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