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  October 18, 2014 romantic Riverside Festival of the Arts opened in Lujiazui Central Green, attracted a lot of friends to watch. DSR can open a small team of partners like the industrious bee, new friends, water science knowledge, introduce environmentally friendly home products, distribution of small gifts ...... bustling about. Visitor who are concerned about water quality, so the gift of a small gift - the popular Easy water detector. The most interesting than a little kid. That day, he entered our booth will shouted: "Mom, you can see open is open to the side of the draw there Qu Grandpa, how there will be Qu Grandpa!! Yeah? "it seems our Qu Dong really famous yet, even 5 and 6-year-olds have become a fan of your friends. QQ鎴浘20141208154354寮€鑳界幆淇濅寒鐩稿墿浣欎环鍊肩幆淇濆睍

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