The value of competition is a new direcon for thdevelopment

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   per year holidays, the major water purifier companies have introduced preferential started a price war, but with the increasingly mature market brand pattern, even more reason for consumers to buy, companies have not achieved the desired results in a price war, price competition has no advantage, and the value of the business in order to dig the product go further, the new direction of the value of competition is the water purifier business development.


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   First, get rid of the price war to be rational thinking

   more and more water purifier brand under the status quo of the industry impetuous lost direction, shrouded in a price war demons of the water purifier business are having all the fun. However, sales data from each segment of the water purification industry point of view, the price war seems not so effective. Market lonesomeness let water purifier manufacturers return to sanity, to rethink the future path of development.

   rest on our laurels, or courage, in the face fork in the road of development of water purification industry, go left, or right away becomes a problem various water purifier companies hardest choices. However, there is a lot of water purifier brand has made a self-selection, shift value from the price, to become part of the new direction of business development water purifier.

   Second, consumers focus on product value

   From the users choice point of view, although most consumers pay greater attention to whether the price is low enough, but there are still groups Regarded as the purchase price will not the only criterion water purifier. To say here is the value of the product, high-quality product content is vulnerable consumers, while the ultra-low-cost products, consumers in the purchase process will not consciously show a big question mark in the mind, so low-priced products can guarantee quality. Obviously, the price factor is not to be the ultimate deciding factor consumers to buy products.

   gradual increase in the level of consumption of the moment, many people choose a product of factors to consider more than just price. Especially for such a large water purifier is especially true of the type of product, it becomes not only a users needs, but also changes in consumption concept.

   water purifier brands have been in the spare no effort to research user needs of consumers, has introduced new products from the market, we will be able to see some clues. Launched a new product concept, it adds unlimited vitality for the entire water purification industry. Consumer choice in the water purifier market is also more diverse,And handy.

   When the water purifier business development path shift value from the price, brand development also will be changes, which conform to the needs of the consumers and the concept of water purifier business only from the perspective of consumers consider, consumers will be able to produce products in order to produce willingness to buy. Therefore, the water purifier business have to constantly adapt to consumer needs of users, introduced to meet consumer products and establish advantages in the future competition, in order to go more long-term.

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