Water purifier business to boost sales skills

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   Now the water purifier market hot, intense competition, sales really is not an easy task. Then the retailer or dealer to get customers to remember the brand, sales promotion, you can try the following Simai En water purification experts to share these few tips:

   First: the real problem can not understand the customers when, as far as possible to allow customers to speak

   find out more problems, with a kind of curiosity, inquisitive spirit of play, so that more customers complain, Duo Titi issues, understand the real needs of customers.

   Second: agree to the clients feelings

   When the client finished, do not directly answer the question, to avoid emotional, for example, I feel like this ...... You can reduce customers psychological readiness, so that customers feel that you are with him standing on the same front.

   Third: grasp the key issues, so that customers specifically addressed

   "repeat" customers about the specific objections, detailed understanding of customer needs, allows customers to try the reasons detailed description of the key issues.

   4: Make sure customer issues, and repeated answer customer questions

   you have to do is repeat what you hear, this is called to begin with, understand and follow each others customers and their own identity part, this is a final sale channel, because doing so can find out if your customers know the benefits of your product, which lay the foundation for you to guide customers to the final success.

   Fifth: enable customers to understand the real motive behind their own objections

   When customers see the motivation behind the sales can start from here, think and say the value of customer needs, then each other the gap between will be eliminated, the only way to build customer relationships and genuine mutual trust.

   when we sell not only in their own position, but also to stand on the customers position, think about your clients, solve problems, such water purifier sales will be much easier, there is no much natural increase sales problem.

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