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Pollution Control and Treatment Technology major projects of national water bodies (hereinafter referred to as the "Water Project") to provide scientific and technological support in the "Thirteen Five" period will be "water ten" water and ecological protection, accelerate the transformation floor, form a group of the whole loaded set of technologies, solutions and integrated governance model, and comprehensive support local "water ten" goal. Led by Anhui Guozhen Environmental Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., a joint BEWG (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing University of Technology, Guangzhou City, the land of Environmental Protection Industry Co., shared water special "key areas of decentralized processing point sources and comprehensive treatment of long-term mechanism research and industrialization demonstration small watershed" (2015ZX07218001) project.

   The project to Chaohu Lake Basin as the research object, the integration of decentralized rural point source sewage treatment, centralized sewage treatment plant tail water treatment standards high, elements of the river restoration, non-point source pollution control, watershed to Shiwuli relying on the comprehensive management of comprehensive treatment program proposed urban small drainage area. Project focused several key areas of innovation development of water pollution control: First-dispersive point sources towns sewage treatment system key technology integration and demonstration intensive operations; the second is centralized sewage treatment plant of high standard processing technology research and demonstration projects; Third, small river valley comprehensive improvement of water environment technology integration and long-term operating mechanism; fourth is the research content of sewage treatment equipment industry base construction and river valley comprehensive improvement promotion system and so on.

   After four years of scientific and technological research, the project in equipment, technology and business aspects of operating modes are a major breakthrough, developed a series, standardization, complete sets of efficient surface aeration equipment, to capture the dispersion type point sources towns sewage treatment, centralized sewage treatment plants processing high energy-saving standards and other technical problems, and improve the application of DBO business model in the direction of decentralized governance point source sewage towns and villages, constructed urban water environment of small watershed comprehensive improvement and technology long-term operation mechanism. Promote the use of technological achievements in key river valleys Chaohu Lake Basin, and achieved good economic and social environmental benefits, provide a strong technical support for water pollution control industry.


   improve equipment performance parameters, reduce wastewater treatment energy consumption

   new mechanical aerators help significantly improve operational efficiency

   for the domestic small surface aeration equipment related products lack the status quo, the project teamDevelopment of small vertical axis, horizontal axis, swash shaft mechanical surface aerator. Determination of the dynamic efficiency of the project team surface aerator apparatus small, precise control of the development of a surface aerator proprietary software, can accurately determine the optimum operating conditions of the aeration device state operation to achieve the precision of the aeration device control. Through a systematic study of a small inverted umbrella aerator has a C-shaped impeller, the project team has been working performance low-power curved surface aerator, at home and abroad for the first time, to fill gaps in related fields at home and abroad. Its power efficiency 2.57kgO2 / kW 途 h ~ 2.61kgO2 / kW 途 h, on this basis, the project team led the drafting of national standards and issued a "vertical shaft surface aerators" (GB / T35183-2017), this standard It was officially implemented July 1, 2018. Standard inverted umbrella surface aerators in the power efficiency parameter increased from 2.10kgO2 / kW 途 h to 2.20kgO2 / kW 途 h, improving the overall performance requirements of surface aeration equipment, promote the industrys technological progress.





   to overcome dispersion type town sewage storm [ 123]

   DBO business model tripod set new trends in the future

   project team integrates highly efficient biochemical ecological modular coupling rural sewage treatment technology, the use of DBO business model in rural decentralized wastewater treatment. Point source wastewater influent water quality and quantity for the large fluctuations in Chaohu Lake Basin villages dispersed, carbon and nitrogen than the low water, low operating load, high water quality standards and the business model is not clear the problem, the project broke through the modular aquatic biofilm + nitrogen and phosphorus removal wastewater treatment plant strengthening key techniques, a biofilm having aerobic reaction complex ecology module proprietary equipment, and equipment modules oxygen reaction, the reaction module stripping equipment, the precipitation reaction module device, the device implements key series, modular and standardization of existing sewage treatment facilities DiBiao easy transformation, easy maintenance, simple operation and maintenance, it has a good visual effect. The technology in October 2018 through the identification of China Environmental Protection Industry Association environmental protection and technological achievements ([2018] Central Association Kam word No. 12) this technology provides a range of practical technology and applications for the efficient treatment of wastewater in rural lifeCases, the leading domestic level, has broad application prospects in the township sewage treatment industry.

   and improved by the introduction of a unified design, unified construction, unified operation of DBO business model, an effective solution to run decentralized wastewater treatment in rural presence inconvenient maintenance, sewage collection rate, high difficulty of construction, financing, etc. difficulties strengthen the main responsibility, shorten the construction period, to ensure project quality, improve operational efficiency and reduce overall costs, to achieve a full life cycle management of the project, fully and effectively guarantee the town sewage plant effluent high standard emissions and energy saving. DBO mode enables the implementation of township sewage treatment plant with a clear operator of the subject, to solve the problem in rural areas of intensive sewage troubled years in the industry at the source, to ensure the full realization of the sewage treatment plant in the township of environmental values.

   In the course of the project, DBO business model and eco-efficient coupling of biochemical town wastewater treatment modular processing core technology to promote the use of township sewage projects in key river valleys Chaohu Lake Basin, Huaihe River and Haihe River Basin, etc., to promote the application of the scale a total of nearly 250,000 m3 / d, CODcr achieve emission reductions 4142.38 tons / year ammonia emission reduction 604.99 tons / year, TN emission reductions 699.81 tons / year and emission reductions TP 71.97 tons / year. While the water main pollutants than a standard A, the business model and the DBO integration technology with good design costs tons more than 50%, of the total investment costs by 15% to 25%, 25% or more operating costs.

   mentioned standard transformation and energy saving designations parallel

   Wastewater treatment technology bloom maturity new light

   SBR process integrated team reach the surface of 鈪?oxidation ditch water and energy saving technologies urban sewage treatment process and high standards of energy saving technologies. Through precise control technology, enhanced denitrification technology, the elimination of oxygen or water reuse technology, low-carbon source dosing advanced nitrogen removal technology and other key technologies to overcome the "DiBiao transformation" SBR and oxidation ditch wastewater treatment plant faced and "Improving efficiency transformation" dual problem, and to ensure SBR oxidation ditch sewage plant effluent major pollutants reach the surface 鈪?stable water-based standard (NH4 + -N鈮?mg / l, TN鈮?mg / l, TP鈮?.3mg / l) while running cost reduction compared with the previous technology more than 10% to 20%. SBR process water reach the surface of 鈪nergy-saving technology in September 2016 by the China Urban Water Association Sewerage Board Identification ([2016] Water Association ranked Ping Zi No. 4), finds this technology to the leading domestic level, as the new technologies of urban drainage industry; oxidation ditch process high standards of urban sewage treatment and energy saving technology in October 2017 by the China environmental Protection industry Association identification ([2017] Central Association Kam word No. 9), considered under this new achievement for high standards and original DiBiao transformation oxidation ditch wastewater treatment plants, provides an economical and practical technology for the high standard of urban sewage treatment, the leading domestic level in similar technologies. This technology is also China Environmental Protection Industry Association as the 2018 annual key environmental protection practical technology.

   on the basis of technical demonstration, the project team will SBR and oxidation ditch process key technology research and development results have been large-scale application, the scale of demonstration applications totaled 1.725 million m3 / d, covering the application of sewage treatment plant more than 70% of the total treatment capacity of Chaohu lake Basin, CODcr achieve emission reductions 101,000 t / year of ammonia emission reductions 13,300 tons / year, TN emission reductions 13,500 tons / year, TP emission reductions 01,800 t / years, it provides an economical and reliable technology solutions effectively address the central wastewater treatment plant to reach ground water 鈪?class standard.

   breakthrough watershed top bottleneck

   significantly enhance the comprehensive watershed effect


   project team formed a water environment Small Watershed Management Integration and long-term operation mechanism, innovation management of small watershed water environment. Chaohu Lake basin to basin Shiwuli relying on integrated management of water environment top-level design, in order to improve the water quality of river basin as the goal, through pollution source apportionment analysis and watershed characteristics, breaking the traditional concept of wastewater treatment plant siting, the new wastewater treatment plant at the sources of pollution concentration area binding Regulating point source, water purification and water supplement, forming small watershed management integrated layout; combined integrated overflow (the CSO) "Regulating contact oxidation + + + coagulation wetland" and the initial rainwater storage control technology , developed a water quality warning software river, which forms the side channel processing based, CSO treatment, wastewater treatment plant discharge and high standard comprehensive management of river basin water quality watershed integrated early warning technology total solutions and comprehensive demonstration; on this basis, the proposed Watershed management, monitoring and evaluation system Basin, Operational Assessment mechanisms, early warning mechanisms and public participation mechanisms and other proposals for the long-term improvement of the water environment of small watershed to improve support. By integrating state-controlled demonstration realize Shiwuli watershed assessment section of major pollutants ammonia nitrogen reduction was 72.5%, the main indicators of water quality of surface water to achieve a stable monthly average class 鈪?standard. The technology in July 2019 by the Ministry of Science and Technology Development Center for Eco-environmental technology assessment that the environmental and economic benefits of this achievement is more remarkable, provides technical reference for similar projects at home and abroad, to guide the direction of development of watershed management technology, good marketing prospects.

   The technology used widely in the country more than 20 watershed management projects including the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Wuhai City Haibo Bay Area River Phoenix (Northern river channel), including comprehensive treatment project, the new project led watershed management class increase the contract amount of 6.079 billion yuan. This technology not only to promote the continuous improvement of the water environment of the basin, but also led the restructuring of enterprises, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, leading the development of watershed as a unit of environmental services.

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