Tigers won the 2016 Four Seasons sg Mu advertisOutstanding C

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铏庡暩2016 鍥涘娌愭瓕鑽h幏骞村害骞垮憡涓绘澃鍑鸿础鐚ぇ濂? src=

   June 6 - 7 days in order to "meet-opportunity" as the theme of the Seventh Tigers Award Presentation Ceremony cum Tigers Tenth International Forum was held in Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao, president of the China Advertising Association of Commerce Li Xisha, chairman of the media Tigers, Tigers prize founder, digital marketing magazine publisher and editor in chief, Secretary-General of China Advertising Association of Commerce digital marketing Committee Chen Xu Bin, president of the jury Prize Tigers Wu Xiaoming, etc. heavyweight big coffee person, to discuss opportunities and challenges in the fierce economic transformation facing the industry.

   Tigers Tigers Award initiated and founded by the media, it has been held to the seventh. Relying on an independent professional assessment criteria, determined to encourage original, in recognition of the classic, large-scale sports events to create the most authoritative, forward-looking and innovative business communication field. This competition is strong support includes hundreds of media organizations, to respond positively to many institutions of industry marketing communications agency, advertising agencies, brand advertisers, including with. Highly professional and authoritative trial judges from nearly 200 industry leaders from all sectors of the field consisting of nearly 40 large coffee marketing and gathered in Nanjing to complete the final, final afternoon after a heated debate produces winners. The first green home appliance brand Four Seasons song Mu stand out from fierce competition, the Tigers won the 2016 Award for Outstanding Contribution Award advertisers, while also winning Wuliangye, Audi, Volkswagen, Samsung, Uniqlo outstanding brands.

铏庡暩2016 鍥涘娌愭瓕鑽h幏骞村害骞垮憡涓绘澃鍑鸿础鐚ぇ濂? src=

   in 2015, the Four Seasons Mu-song around the "four times" model of advertising communication in full swing: the first height, the height of CCTV, credibility, build authority; second precision, signed 2015 Hunan Satellite TV, "I am a singer," the cooperation in providing brand activation and brand rejuvenation process, the focus precision customers, including Baidu, potatoes, Youku and Sohu, etc., do precision of delivery; third viscosity, high-speed rail and rail resources a total of 13 carriages line the whole package down into the two-dimensional code entry. Fourth breadth, through the network all year round to promote customer face to face sales, enhance the Four Seasons song Mu brand.

   "four times" model spread the achievements of the Four Seasons song Mu industrys highest brand value of 10.6 billion, the first industry brand power index, by experts praise, the organizing committee commented: + from the traditional concept of the Internet industry Practically speaking, the Four seasons song Mu highly influential brand vitality and depth ahead of the times, on the InternetHow traditional industries in the network era of restructuring and development of great learning and research value.

铏庡暩2016 鍥涘娌愭瓕鑽h幏骞村害骞垮憡涓绘澃鍑鸿础鐚ぇ濂? src=

   Four Seasons song Mu Li Wenping Group Brand Director, (third from right) receive an award

   Four Seasons song Mu Li Wenping, director of brand management, said: At present, we are living in an ever-digit fission economic times, it was China the best of times. We believe that in this day and age, significant opportunities will appear one after another. Four Seasons song Mu will continue to pose leader, continue to practice and let the sun brighter, so that more fresh air, let the water cleaner, protect the environment and peoples health sacred mission, integrate resources, build ecological platform to achieve their long-term development of.

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