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   In recent years, with the acceleration of urbanization, Chinas economic level and peoples living standards quickly improved, peoples attention gradually increase awareness of the physical and mental health, consumer awareness has also risen rapidly, while improving life made more high demand, which enhance the safety of drinking water needs of the moment has become an urgent need



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   [ 123] Therefore, as a water purifier to meet the requirements of water purification, protection of water quality and safety of health appliances gradually into the stage, and quickly became the new darling of the home market.

   In the back of the water purifier market rapid growth, brand and product quality is uneven, complicated installation, maintenance difficulties and many other issues shrouded.

   Therefore, in order to regulate the water purifier market, and promote water-saving technology, the country in September 13, 2017 issued a "water efficiency labeling management approach" to enhance peoples awareness of water conservation, water efficiency.

   At the same time, to promote the healthy and orderly development of the water purifier market, in November 2017, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, National Standards Commission issued GB34914-2017 "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency and water efficiency rating limit" national standards, and will be officially implemented in November 2018. This standard will be defined by setting the value of water effective to eliminate those inferior products high water consumption. Standard clear that all aquatic net rate of less than 35% water reverse osmosis water purifier, will become substandard water purification products.


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   The new standards will be mandatory constraint means that the state released water purifier market production norms, to eliminate shoddy, innovation, ease market chaos, especially in the low-end water purifier manufacturers or OEM brand or there is a risk of collapse closed. Thus, with the formal implementation of the standard, Chinese water industry will face a re-shuffle of the situation!

   and already in the Red Sea water purifier market in the coming period shuffle, how companies can not be eliminated?

   now, the water purification industry standards and regulatory policies were introduced, enterprises or want to run a successful business, reverse osmosis water purifier micro wastewater technology is particularly important.

   Traditional functional class of reverse osmosis water purification throughout the water purifier CityIt has become the dominant field, more and more enterprises to force the reverse osmosis water purifier. However, there are more than 40% of the conventional waste water pure reverse osmosis water purifier ratio of 1: 3 or even less than one to three, water is very serious. Implementation of the new national standard GB34914-2017 such high water consumption will be completely phased out type.

   At present major domestic and international famous brands have water purifiers have launched their own micro waste water reverse osmosis water purification products. However, there are a portion of the micro-called waste water purification, the expense of reducing the life of the membrane and a desalination rate, to adjust the proportion of wastewater discharge, cost increases greatly. Under the pressures of

   as well as the market demand for high-yield and other water rate, Chinas water purifier manufacturers face more challenges than ever before. Reverse osmosis water purification micro waste water technology, while the current industry has become a hot technology, but only a small number of industry R & D strength of several strong brands to master type.


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   and micro waste water purification water purifiers top ten brands Han Erdun brand pure waste than 5: 1 frequency micro waste water technology, it is particularly unusual other than a few strong R & D strength of several companies water purifiers, water purifiers and Haner Dun is Chinas first batch of excellent in national water efficiency standards for a high-end water purifier brand. Water and energy conservation technologies on the

   micro waste water purifiers top ten brands Haner Dun was born micro-inverter technology waste water is waste water concept was put forward following the micro, a real sense. Different micro wastewater technologies Han Erdun other frequency micro Wastewater purification backwash several major characteristics:

   Han Erdun frequency micro waste water production rate of a reverse osmosis water purification up to 85%, the net wastewater industrys highest ratio of 5: 1, that is made at least five cups of pure water only produce one cup of "waste." 5: 1 ratio of the net waste, up to 5 times the lift, less waste to achieve, prolong filter life saving;

   delayed start technique, after pressure bucket full of water to stop the machine, pure use automatic opening mechanism to the rear third of the water to avoid the machine as a conventional water purifier as starting repeatedly, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving;

   microcomputer control system, the machine built-in microcomputer control system, using filter reminded life, various types of fault investigation clear, time-saving maintenance for the core;

  Extend filter life, Han Erdun saving attempts to prevent self-developed and patented technology pellicle water filter life prolonged 2-3 times.

   frequency micro waste water purifier Haner Dun as the top-selling product, but also the users main consumer. Water-saving capabilities frequency micro wastewater technology are obvious.


   (Source: Han Erdun water purifier feeds, invasion deleted)


   micro waste water purifiers top ten brands of water-saving Haner Dun water purifier on the market, for consumers, compared to other types of water-saving water purification products in the consumer experience and quality assurance has been greatly improved. Haner Dun core frequency of water-saving technology will drive continued innovation across industries and enterprises, and guide the industry continues iterative upgrade water-saving products and user experience.

   a core technology of the enterprise, as a no shell soul, only their own innovative master their own core technology, to brand success, in order to enhance their competitiveness in order in Rifa fierce business competition a firm footing against the current, micro waste water purifiers top ten brands Haner Dun frequency micro waste water technology as a core Haner Dun-saving technology is a good proof.

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