Qin Kang water purification industry leader

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   Now, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people gradually began to realize that water pollution problems to the health of our life brings. my country is not only a relatively poor state of water resources, but also a country affected by severe water pollution. According to relevant survey, natural serious water pollution in China, the majority of poor water quality in natural areas, there are 24% of people in the poor quality of drinking water, especially in the provinces north of the Huaihe River more prominent.

   In recent years, water purifier industry has been rapid development, which, reverse osmosis water purification machines in its high precision purification, the water quality good market has favored. However, conventional reverse osmosis water purifier is truly a "water tiger", produced water ratio is 1: 4, 1: 8 or even 1:10, resulting in substantial waste.

   for reverse osmosis water purifier water consumption, serious waste of water resources of the national situation, but also for the consolidation of many names in the industry, good and bad chaos, prevent consumer deception, recently, the Ministry of Water Resources held a "home water-saving water purification product certification seminar, "made it clear that there will be water-saving water purifier identity, standards, certification three off. First of all, the future home water purifier factory have water efficiency labeling; Secondly, saving water purifier must meet national standards; Third, water efficiency labeling and actual water use efficiency are the same, saving water by a third-party product certification organization accredited .

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