Open up rural water purifier market, companies need to learn

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   With the development of water purification industry, today its pace of development has entered the fast lane of development, increase the number of brands, cohabitation, but many large companies have distributed water purification in first-tier cities, the industry is relatively high degree of aggregation but Chinas water purifier market has yet to be developed, therefore, if you want to become bigger and stronger, water purifier companies need to learn local conditions, developed around the need for a water purifier, in order to promote themselves better and faster development.




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   a marketing channel sink

   have been since, all the major mainstream brands as a secondary market arena, fight fight fight for many years, swallow like a whale with each other, and ever-increasing focus on brand, brand awareness has become the first choice factor for consumers to buy water purifier. At present the country has the right to speak concentrated in the hands of a few dozen brands, small brands to compete directly with them is very difficult. However, in 34 markets, due to the big brands attend, yet not established a complete marketing network and after-sales service system. Therefore, small brands have the opportunity to kick the interest of small and medium brands should consider marketing focus to three or four markets and rural markets.

   Second, seize the consumer demand

   At the same time, the small brand in the development of township and rural markets, should focus on conduct preliminary market research to understand consumer real consumer demand. From the current level of consumption in rural areas, my countrys per capita income is still low, income from water purifiers popular line there is quite some distance. Therefore, the current consumption of urban and rural consumption purpose water purifier market is clearly there is a huge gap. The purpose of the rural consumer is clearly more water filter is used in the production and management, rather than simple enjoyment of life. Therefore, the combination use of the environment and rural water purifiers use features, developed to meet the special needs of rural water purifier, SMEs must also pay attention to the problem.

   Therefore, to shrink the front, focus on strengths, playing a strong regional brand. Good sales channels and after-sales service system within a relatively small area. In todays situation, small and medium enterprises to choose a water purifier effective way for their own development model.

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