Old kitchen electric appliance giant inbound market price or

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   2019 kitchen electric industrys incoming significantly increased. There are three reasons: First, the kitchen electric market space industry as a whole is better than the appliance industry, while the latter weak set of kitchen electric industry to outperform the market; the second is the kitchen electric industry is to pry the animal AI networking, the fact that some high-income consumer those of the overall solution needs electric kitchen up, or it will become the future profit growth point; the third is to start with the policy of home appliances, parts of the property market after the loose, consumer appliances will activate a certain extent; lets put aside some no-name small companies get together to enter the kitchen electric industry is not to say, those well-known appliance maker began to frequently force in kitchen electric market, has confirmed the future of the industry.

   March 4, at the 16th China International SME Fair intelligent home appliances exhibition, Hisense electric kitchen carrying a variety of new incoming. For example, Hisense Hisense inverter system equipped with hood, whether fire or small fire slowly stir fry, fume hood can follow automatically adjust the amount of air flow and temperature. Meanwhile, the hood equipped with 7-inch touch screen, WiFi networking, music, movies, recipes ranging inquiry.

   Hisense cooker during cooking, anti-dry pot detectable change function of temperature, when the temperature exceeds the safe temperature of the bottom of the pot, the appliance will automatically cut off the gas source.

   March 12, TCL2019 spring on the new conference, TCL announced a high profile smart layout in kitchen electric field:

   TCL smart new hood with large 10-inch smart touch screen, built-in recipes and a variety of entertainment APP; TCL range hood AI voice recognition system that provides human-computer interaction model under a variety of operating environments.

   March 13, 2019 Skyworth to "AI unbounded" as the theme, kicked off into the kitchen electric industry.

   Skyworth said it would fully promote the cause of electric kitchen, use of existing resources Skyworth as powerful backing, in product technology, marketing support, service, content and resources to seize kitchen electric market.

   during the

   2019 AWE, Hong Changhong show kitchen wisdom through "i + smart" technology, speech recognition hood, stove, water heater, water purifier, etc. Changhong intelligent product interoperability.

   earlier, hood Konka introduced AI90 掳. Konka hood 90 掳 peculiar shape, because the hood is a combination of traditional and features of the T-side hood smoking machine, through the topAnd side while working principle of smoking, ultra-efficient extraction of fumes. The body has a slim design, and the cabinet can only flush, forming a whole, but also to solve the trigger point T-type hood easily meet the users line of sight blocking.

   So far, Haier, Midea, Gree have already launched kitchen electric products. In particular, Haier and Midea kitchen electric products, as sales continue to expand, they give side too, the boss brought great pressure.

   Hisense, TCL, Skyworth, Changhong, Konka TV Big Five, also has incoming kitchen electric industry. Visible, kitchen electric industry has formed three forces: the traditional kitchen electric company to side too boss headed; Haier, Midea, Hisense, led by the old appliance giant continued fast expansion in the kitchen electric industry, form an important force to be reckoned with; three other recruits are entering, and in the absence of brand, technology and user base, they reached the market by low prices.

   people used "appliance industry profits last paragraph Heights" to describe the years of sustained growth in China kitchen electric market.

   2012-2017, China kitchen electric retail market at an average 13.5% per year of double-digit growth in all high-appliance category.

   high-margin, high-growth space, as well as sustainable and stable industry structure, but also attracted major industry giant, has joined the kitchen area, increasing the degree of competition kitchen electric market.

   in the kitchen electricity market, in addition to continuing to promote the boss, party too, and other professional leading enterprises, Vantage, Shuaikang enterprises actively seek a breakthrough on the scale, the Haier, Midea and other home appliances giant expanding in the kitchen electric industry and achieved good results.

   However, by 2018, by the real estate downturn, kitchen electric market as a whole declined. According to Ovid cloud network data show that in 2018 Chinas home appliance retail market size of accumulated 832.7 billion yuan, an increase of 1.5%, one of last years growth rate of seven, which the kitchen electric category in 2018 retail sales of 64 billion yuan in China , down 6.4%.

   Despite the decline in the overall appearance of kitchen electric category, but still rapid growth in some emerging category. According to Blue Technology organize network data show retail sales in 2018 domestic dishwasher Guomo of 56 billion yuan, up 27.6%; retail sales Guomo microwave oven was 204 billion yuan, an increase of 30%; toaster retail scale 65 one hundred million yuan, An increase of 10.6%.

   There are incoming, there will be an out. According to the network data show that in 2017 all kinds of electric kitchen brand new entrants have 468, but there are 347 brands were eliminated.

   With increased competition kitchen electric market, the old kitchen electric appliance giant invested heavily in the market, they have the advantage of users, channels, brands and services, which gives side too, the boss brought great pressure.

   However, from the existing pattern of market, the kitchen electric market brand concentration advantage becomes clearer, but the entrants in order to get more space, the price is also an important part.

   This years play is occupied by the market price, or get the user through technological innovation? let us wait and see.

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