When you purchase a home water purifier wneed toay attention

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   Although many people realize that the best way to install water purifiers of drinking water is completely resolved. ? However, a wide variety of household water purifiers on the market, which was exactly what we introduce some ideal how to buy a home water purifier scientific knowledge for consumers:



   [123 ] First, according to the water quality and purification installation space requirements and choose the appropriate water purification products:

   water is not the same in different regions, different quality; drinking and domestic water and industrial water requirements are different, the installation space required for different water purification products are not the same. So choose water purification products may be different.

   Second, different characteristics to be selected according to the purification water purification products for their products:

   Some home water purifier can remove water alkali scale, and some can remove sediment, rust, can be removed and some bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, can remove some organic matter, some large amount of water production, water production and some small ...

   [123 ]

   currently, there is a versatile purification products to meet the various requirements of water quality and a variety of purification. Recommendation: in the choice of water purification products, please detailed consulting professionals, to buy their own water purification products.

   select some basic principles of purification of products: high

   (1) water purification product cost: better quality of the product, stable performance; use more convenient; low maintenance costs and operating costs; strong expertise and good after-sales service.

   (2) selection of domestic water softener products, drinking water contains a certain selected water hardness (140mg / L - 200mg / L), soft and not suitable for long-term water as drinking water .

   (3) water hardness of the composite is preferably selected in 170mg / L or less AreaUltrafiltration machine.

   (4) water hardness 170mg / L-250mg / L within the shower area, the best selection of washing water softener, drinking water is preferably selected composite ultrafiltration water.

   (5) the hardness of water in the shower area 250mg / L or more, the best selection of washing water softener, selected portions of drinking water demineralised water (demineralized water and not demineralized water by a certain percentage mixing) after the composite ultrafiltration ultrafiltration filtered water.

   (6) high fluorine-containing water, high salinity, sulfur area by pure water as drinking water, and trace element supplement.

   (7) heavy rust and sand or ground area, the total recommended precision filter mounted table again.

   This link: http: //www.jingshuiqizs.com/show-13-1672.html

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