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   in which the customer is Gods, and how to win consumer trust each topic is water purifier manufacturers are concerned about. Today, when consumers buy products they advocate the brand, strengthen brand building is undoubtedly the most effective way of water purifier manufacturers to build consumer trust. However, non-brand building can be reached overnight, so the water purifier manufacturers have a different approach. In fact, starting from the channels, it would be a good choice.




water purifier brand manufacturers to win the trust of consumers and channel two-pronged approach

   First, water purifier manufacturers can look for win-win partnership model

   [123 ] this win-win partnership model through the establishment of new vendor relationships, joint-stock form joint operation of the market manufacturers and distributors (or agents) by 1 + 1 mode, centralized funds, concentrate manpower, by the pooling of resources. In the "risk of a total commitment, total profits equitably" principle, by the manufacturers and dealers work together to make brand management, and geopolitical advantage through distributors, buy locally increased efforts on the key figure in local government, enterprises and institutions were the focus of public relations, the formation of brand sales environment and a good reputation. Substantive breakthrough at the meeting buy, buy and welfare aspects of custom buy, and ultimately the formation of "retail with buy to buy the retail push," the two-wheeled Qi turn the situation.

   Second, water purifier manufacturers can make innovative terminal sales model

   terminal model innovation presents industry consolidation mode. According to a water purifier brand marketing person in charge: through years of market exploration we found that a growing number of end consumers began to pursue closer integration of the overall mix, water purifiers and cabinets, building materials and other related industries, can combine consumers of different preferences, different room styles to guide consumer shopping. To meet this demand, it has a water purifier at home actually, Redstar, Gome, Suning and other well-known home appliance stores and other products have a correlation with the formation of the overall sales area, and the needs of peoples lives different, introduction of different functional sales mix; the effect is very good, but also get a lot of consumer appreciation. Starting from a focus on life, this sales model is a culture, a way of life, but also to establish a new concept of consumption.

   In fact, to win consumer word of mouth, not just rely on brand on it. Brand building to increase consumer confidence is a goodAngles and channels, but brand building in this area takes a long time to operate, when the direction is not clear, it can not be left behind in the construction of the eternal point channel model from the water purification industry, to dig enhance consumer confidence operational direction degrees.

   a product worthy of consumer trust, brand can be in the form of nature is the best plan, but we must realize that brand building is a long-term development plan, can not rely on media advertising these new resources overnight; but we also can improve the channels and better terminal services, consumers grasp the concept of life in the construction of the channel, in a manner closer to consumers lives to reach consumers, also can win consumer recognition. So on the one hand water purifier manufacturers can develop a brand development path, another aspect may start from the channel, two-pronged approach to win consumer confidence and thus win more market, which is why the thing of it? [ 123]

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