Qin Yi Kang water purifier remind companies need to calm dow

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In todays economic downturn in the environment, water purifier business premise in savings and do not skimp on personnel training and investment. Talent is the core of the enterprise, as long as a lot of talent, water companies can master the core technology, leading the industry flows. Water purification industry development so far, why some enterprises have become the industry leader? Some companies will disappear with the tide? Theres still struggling? This tells the company who grasp the talent. Talent is the brains of enterprises. Brain determines mobility.


past water purifier enterprises are rough talent, do not do it themselves, demand for talent is not high. But today, the traditional water purifier business to cater to tell the development of the market for talent will have more requirements. With the progress of the development of social progress, as well as workers in the industry thought, people are no longer only focus on wages and blindly select companies, but the desire to get more respect and care, work environment, atmosphere, leisure facilities are very seriously. Water purifier business recruitment costs are increasing, but this is really essential.


And now, low ability to innovate, not only is the water purification industrys problems, and even the whole of China all the problems, the general water purifier very few companies to independently design, no design, no brand, to follow suit mimic the brands design excellence is the main talent is not enough, product R & D capability is weak. Today, the Chinese professional design training institutions also too small, limited cultivate design talent, a lot of talent can not meet the needs of the development of water purification industry, resulting in some water purifier companies want to recruit their own culture.


Moreover, the water purifier industry homogenization serious, changing water purifier professional design talent of product homogeneity has an extremely important role. Increase the water purifier business design talents of investment needs the joint efforts of the entire water purification industry also needs the full support of relevant government departments.


in the future, do not have the core competitiveness of small brands will be eliminated. For water purifier water purifier manufacturers and enterprises with core competitiveness it is very important.

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