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  Office water boiler Which is better? 2019-4-26 16:57:43

Whether you are 50, 100 people, or 150 people, 200 people,


whether you are the office, or at the mall or 4S stores, Business Hall , limited number, not water,


can supply water, drinking water, warm water.


An Nick Seoul KW commercial water dispenser, high-grade appearance, good image, beautiful and durable.


Internal conduit 304 food grade stainless steel, to prevent rust, aeruginosa, no secondary pollution.


Patent step-heating technology, more than 50% energy saving. Drinking warm water, over 80% energy saving.


US imports filtration system, into water, out of pure water!




An AN-KW series Nick Seoul dispenser advantages:


1, depending on the model, each human consumption may be supplied 50-300.


2, to ensure the health, the use of POU (dispenser itself fitted with a filter device).


3, energy saving, saving 50% -80% real.


4, filtered fresh, 100% water, not open water no water.


5, professional pre-sales team, an appointment is scheduled inspection and maintenance.




An boiling Nick Seoul commercial benefits:


1, every drop of fresh filtered drinking water to reach 100% of the standard.


2, upgrade the hardware facilities, improve quality, satisfaction with recognition.


3, good after sales service, easy to manage.


4, energy saving, solid and durable, reduce expenses.



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