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  Tim net water purification Wyatt recommendation of drink packages: Tim net water purification Views: 407 Time: 2017-5-16 9:46:08 Tim net water purifier since Labor Day, launched several sets of concessions for dealers policies, such as 10 sets to send a set of full, full 100,000 back to 5000 activities, products direct profit, offers to dealers. Tim net water purifier latest Wyatt drink packages, that is, in a number of preferential policies. Yue drink package includes a net pressure control valve tim T-KY, Tim net pre-purifier TQ-P3, Tim net water machine TZ-HRO2. Wyatt drink package is for the user to launch a new drinking water purification "double Water Program", the users home tap water can be purified into purified water and pure water two kinds of water, the maximum degree of user Tim net water quality and water quality . 鎭噣鍑€姘存偊楗椁恄鍑€姘村櫒鍔犵洘浠g悊 Tim net water, always adhere to the "good good good core water of life" service philosophy, the "Inf, the value of communication" faith, "Chinas most valuable home water treatment operators of full-service provider" for the development goals, through 10 years of promotion and services to form a stable, sound service system, the country has 600+ dealers and service centers, accumulated more than 500,000 customers with quality service.

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