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   new home equipment T: smart toilet maintenance is only six small coup Do not use maintenance is also very important to http: //www.js.hc360.com2019骞?at 09:29 on April 1 source cold weather will give us put on a flannel toilet toilet gasket relieve cold, but the use of the washer, then it is easy to breed bacteria unhealthy, the emergence of smart toilet gave us a new experience, automatic heating races, let us go to the toilet when no gasket can feel the warmth, in addition to auto-sensing, take turns holding, hips wash, warm air drying, and so brought us a variety of toilet experience, in short, want to say a word: previous shit also called shit with it.

   that are enjoying toilet for every day you wait, have thought about it also needs to maintain it?



   Smart toilet maintenance steps

   1, turn off the power supply

   Maintenance power off the first step, for the maintenance of electrical first thought the power is off. Then subsequent maintenance and cleaning work, to avoid electrical accidents.

   2, do not use water surface

   For routine cleaning of the toilet, not direct wash water and the back surface of the smart toilet, and a back surface and do not use detergents smart toilet to prevent electric shock and short circuit accidents. It remains functional operation of the drying zone, but also try to keep the toilet ventilation drying.

   3, the cover light up

   ordinary general when the toilet lid down if there is no light, toilet seat cover will now loud crash sound. Smart toilet seat cover, then, the cover is provided with a damping slow down function, mainly in order to prevent embarrassing cover falling too loud or disturbing others rest. Although smart toilet lid damping slow down function, but lets not be too violent in the toilet, gently put the cover will slowly closed, to avoid too much force affect the function and life of the toilet lid.

   4, replace the filter

   intelligent toilet has a very important function is to wash the buttocks, which is more than we usually paper to health, but also to avoid the breeding of paper in the trash pile up too long more bacteria. Of course, the premise is to ensure the health of water purification effect, which we need to do on a regular basis to replace the toilet filterCore replacement time: single stage filter replaced every 4-6 months is recommended, bipolar filters replaced every 18 to 24 months is recommended.

   5, the cleaning nozzle

   A lot of people worry about when using a smart toilet flushing situation of cross-contamination will not occur, in fact, will be self-cleaning nozzle before washing and after washing, the other nozzles is the use of silver ion antimicrobial technology, so do not worry too much. In addition to self-cleaning nozzle, the nozzle may also be individually disassembled for cleaning. Regular cleaning nozzle can discharge tube water Chen, bid farewell to the dirt, so wash more healthy.

   6, cleaning the toilet

   recommended that a ceramic body of the toilet cleaning about every two weeks, with careful not to use cleaning agents or strong abrasive effect of (acid), the cleaning solvent and toilet tank fittings, and accessories in order to avoid damage to the product surface. The appropriate amount of the available toilet cleaner poured into the toilet water seal, soak for 15 minutes, then use the toilet brush to clean more easily.


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