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   For the franchisee in terms of water purifiers, water purifiers how to make money in the industry have a good grasp of consumer demand, in-depth understanding of consumer needs what type of product in the end, what value. This requires water purifiers stores have a good first impression and user experience when the product is sold only in obtaining preliminary approval on the basis of the user, it can be combined with consumer demand for open sales. Then the water purification agents franchisees how to earn money? Xiaobian summed up the following, I hope to give you water purification agents, water purifier venture Tenders of help.

   first, down to earth, steady development of the accumulated wealth of experience

   on the current domestic water purifier industry market point of view, it is recommended to join in the water purifier in its infancy, agents can start with the most based on the retail market to start, step by step, in the process of rapid growth in the accumulated experience, on the one hand the accumulation of market experience, the accumulation of capital on the one hand, this can be handy in the later development of the market, and then from the dealer to the county agent municipal agent, a steady transition, his career bigger and bigger!

   Second, good product mix, to the advantage of brand development of regional markets

   water purifier sales agents to join in the product, should be noted: sales to combine regional market demand good overall mix, not because of marketing and promotions, pay attention to what local residents more demand for the product. But also aware of their agencys products are distinctive features of what? From the brands "core technology" which can pick out the more able to identify the characteristics? How their characteristics can distinguish the customer? You have to remember what characteristics? and many more. Imagine if we ourselves do not have a clear idea, but also how to guide customers?

   Third, good after-sales service and work to win consumer acceptance

   In doing terminal sales, water purification agents franchisee should also control the quantity and quality of the sales season. It should be rational distribution planning and management, focusing on store image and improve the quality of terminal sales staff, focus on service quality. Here Goldis rain with high-quality products advertised market: either do or do retail project, we must ensure the quality of products and services, improve brand image, accumulated a good reputation widely recognized by consumers, in order to ensure sustainable development of the brand, so in order to increase sales, business can be done for a long time, naturally, will be able to make money.

   Fourth, the comprehensive marketing to build brand image to seize the market

   water purification products not only in retail stores "passive" type of customers such as home consultation, but also through a planned, step by step marketing strategy, out of the store, into the market to take the initiative to find customers, the stores playing a brand communication point. That is a real money-making water purifiers are based on franchisee stores, based on in-depth market will sell well, sales, marketing, sweep the floor, district, street road shows and many other activities are fully open marketing and sales, in-depth build cell range reputation, to narrow the distance with consumers to obtain a wide range of consumer confidence, and ultimately become an influential brand in the region, to promote product sales.

   Fifth, choose fashionable and keep up with the trend of the water purifier brand

   effect on the market from the water purifier, we found that customers browse the product when first concern is the appearance of the product style, this is the "first impression" on the psychology of consumers in the purchase of goods are often style is very pleasing to the eye at first glance, even very fond of, themselves, be possible to understand the product performance, more detailed textures, and other parameters, and finally will choose the appropriate meeting point in the transaction price. So the best choice for the development of the market process can continue to develop new, innovative water purifier brand easier to open market sales to make money!

   you are still wondering how to open market sales of water purifiers, water purification agents franchisees how to make money? More to think about where your potential customer base in the region which, they are concerned about what products are concerned about the price, the effect is still concerned about the appearance of purification and so on, understand their real needs, want to buy what kind of product, choose a development potential water purifier brand, from product to service, to the sale, do this, do not you want to make money is immune.

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