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After 40 years of rapid development, my countrys home appliance manufacturing industry has realized from the national meet daily needs, to go abroad, change the export abroad. China Household Electrical Appliances Association data show that in 2018 the scale of Chinas home appliance exports accounted for 39.4% of global exports of home appliances, is a veritable "world electronics production center."

   into the year 2020, the international situation is more complicated: China-US trade negotiations made significant progress, a quarter of ASEAN replace the EU became Chinas largest trading partner; improve home appliances in India tariff barriers, political and economic instability in some countries . Coupled with the spread of new crown pneumonia epidemic worldwide, "danger", under the "machine" co-exist in 2020, Chinas home appliance exports will tell what kind of story?


   [123 ] diversified overseas market expansion

   In recent years, Chinas home appliance industry in total exports has been an upward trend. Data show that in 2019, my countrys total exports of home appliances 70.92 billion US dollars, breaking a record high; but growth is slowing down, the growth rate over last year dropped 6.6 percentage points.

   which, major appliances show "increase in volume and the amount of down" trend, total export volume of 221 million units, up 2.08%; exports of $ 25.721 billion, down 1.01% year on year. Small appliances is showing "double the amount of volume increase" trend, total export volume of 2.6 billion units, up 4.67 percent; exports of $ 32.4 billion, an increase of 6.24%. Large-scale export of home appliances continued to decline, small appliances scale continued to rise, large and small home appliances exports showed differentiation trend.

   Regionally, due to the Sino-US trade friction, tariffs of some products China exports to the United States in recent years, my countrys home appliance industry exports to the US continued to decline. 2019, total exports of home appliances to the United States 15.24 billion US dollars, down 7.4% year on year, accounting for the proportion of my countrys total exports of home appliances also fell from 24 to 21.5 percent. Where refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers and other large appliances were appeared in 30.8%, 30.1%, 17.7% of the sharp decline; small appliances due to fewer overseas production layout, less affected by the Sino-US trade friction, the United States exports only slightly down trend. Phase

   At present, the two sides have reached agreement on the text of the first stage of economic and trade agreements, the United States will fulfill phased out tariffs on Chinese products ofOff commitment, which exports to the appliance industry is good news. But it is worth noting that, including air conditioners, refrigerators, dryers, vacuum cleaners, humidifiers and some small kitchen appliances like electric heating appliances, including a range of columns are still imposed tariffs in 2020, Chinas home appliance exports to the US still exist many uncertainties. After

   2009 financial crisis, India has become one of the worlds largest home appliance market growth, the market potential is huge. However, due to Indias improved tariff barriers of home appliances, my countrys home appliance exports India has been a greater impact. 2019, Chinas home appliance exports to India reached US $ 1.78 billion, down 8.8 percent year on year, of which a large home appliances fell by 33.2%. Currently, Midea, Haier and other giants have started to establish plant in India to accelerate vied for the Indian market.

   the European market in recent years, growth is good. 2019, my countrys home appliance exports to the EU total of 16.32 billion US dollars, an increase of 8.5%, accounting for 23% of total exports of home appliances; exports scale overtake exports to the US, jumped to first place and become the largest export market of home appliances in my country.

   With the continuous progress "along the way" of building the ASEAN countries are becoming a new engine of my countrys home appliance exports. 2019 my countrys home appliance to ASEAN cumulative exports grew by 17.6%. In the first quarter of 2020, ASEAN has been replaced by the European Union emerged as my countrys largest trading partner. In addition, under "along the way" strategy, my countrys total exports of home appliances for Africa also achieved improved significantly. Data show that in 2019, my countrys exports to Africa 3.28 billion US dollars, an increase of 8.7%.

   "Sino-US trade friction does not change the status of China world electronics production center, household electrical appliance enterprises to seize along the way the opportunity to actively explore overseas market diversification, showing the toughness of the challenge." China CCCME household appliances Branch Secretary Zhou Nan believes that by 2025, the scale of Chinas home appliance exports will exceed or billions of dollars.


   crisis exploit opportunities

   In recent years, growth in the domestic appliance market into a "bottleneck", many companies will look to look to overseas markets. According to company released earnings, the first half of 2019, 47% Qingdao Haier overseas revenue to total revenue, the US group overseas revenue to total revenue of 40.25%, GreeOverseas revenue to total revenue of 14.1%. Home appliance exports have become an important pillar of Chinas home appliance industry.

   This year, the sudden new crown pneumonia outbreak, disrupting the rhythm inherent in the appliance industry. In the first quarter of 2020, the epidemic caused by the delayed start, lack of raw materials, shortage of manpower, logistics blocked, etc., which causes the slow recovery of production capacity, or will not be able to fulfill customer orders on time overseas, to bear some losses. These inevitable for my countrys exports of household electrical appliances caused by the attacks.

   General Administration of Customs data show that from January to February 2020, my countrys total exports of home appliances fell by 20.6%. Among them, large home appliances refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and other exports fell by 9.2%, 20.4%, 18.4%, lower than the overall level of the industry; microwave oven, LCD TV and other categories are the hardest hit by the impact of the epidemic, exports fell by 38.5% and 33.9%.

   into the second quarter, as the epidemic continues to spread across the globe, my countrys home appliance exports setback. As of April 22, the global total of 251 million people diagnosed, which confirmed a total of 88 million people in North America, confirmed a total of 109 million people in Europe, 40 million people in Asia, the situation is very grim. Although the domestic epidemic has been brought under control, household electrical appliance enterprises resumed production complex, but declined to bring the epidemic of home appliances overseas demand, causing overseas customers cancel orders and other cases occurred frequently.

   findings Shenzhen Industry Association of electronic information display, Shenzhen 236 manufacturing enterprises, 38.6% of companies still barely run, or 14.83 percent of enterprises have been closed down, closed down. Where customer orders are canceled or significantly reduced 56.1%, due to supply-strand breaks, the order can not be fulfilled, at risk of default of the company amounted to 38.98%.

   stagnation and national policy of cross-border logistics unknown overseas, more exports of home appliances adds a layer of uncertainty. According to incomplete statistics, at present, 63 airlines around the world have grounded across the board, close all 13 international routes, 14 airports ceased operations. With the upgrade epidemic overseas, many countries declared a state of emergency, closed country, closed city, grounded flights, logistics outage, immigration and other policies isolation, had hampered the export of home appliances.

   In addition, under the influence of the epidemic, domestic trade fairs have also postponed, canceled or held online, this new overseas customer for Enterprise DevelopmentHouseholds adversely affect customer retention costs will be greatly increased. This year, the 127th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) will be held online June 15 to 24, which is the Canton Fair since its inception in 1957, held on the first line.

   GF Securities believes that the short term, will lead to the development of the global epidemic of home appliance exports have uncertainty risk. Overseas epidemic will likely affect local home appliance sales, but the home appliance production status of a good recovery, export concentration is also expected to increase, therefore, affect the spread of the epidemic on my countrys home appliance export enterprises is relatively small.

   China Household Electrical Appliances Association predicts that in 2020 my countrys home appliance industry export growth is slowing down, with last year if the scale is not easy. But do not be too pessimistic, the global epidemic crisis contains opportunities and challenges. Expand overseas markets can not simply rely on home appliances export enterprises should actively promote international strategic transformation to build global brands.

   (Source: National Grid author: Qin Chuqiao, invasion deleted)

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