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  When installing a home water purifier to understand this article publishing site: www.watersz.com Published: 2018-09-14 uneven distribution of water resources, coupled with industrial pollution caused by the limited available water, for water quality domestic water demanding, but the reality of water quality is not very good, installation requires the use of water purifiers, water purification it. Familiarize yourself with the water purifier installation, see how it can ensure the purity of the water quality and purification inside the bacteria, which is a lot of people in doubt, do not doubt it, take a look at the specific installation method, and then slowly think. First, water purifier installation method 1. preparation stage (1) Check the installation environment to see if it meets the requirements, do not meet, we need to create the factors considered. (2) the number of the investigation type and quality water purifier, parts inventory, and then read the installation instructions. 2. installation details (1) to turn off the water, open the faucet, let go of the water remaining in the pipe, the way cleaning the impurities. (2) Remove the tap water inlet pipe is connected, installed water three links, a wrench to tighten gradually, not in one step; if there is a rubber gasket on the joint, with their raw material without wrap. The inlet valve 1/4 carefully wrapping tape according to the three-way tips mounted to the inlet side of the hole position, so that the water inlet pipe tee mounted on the inlet and tighten with a wrench, not allowed to leak. 3. Close the inlet valve, turn on the water, wiped with a paper towel, to check whether the mounting tabs seepage. 4. PP cotton, granular activated carbon, compressed activated carbon, filters, and other three, the bottle was charged filter in a certain order, and the flask was filtered with a wrench to tighten the cap levels. The Teflon tape wrap, the number of turns is not too much pressure tank outlet position about four laps like, attached to a pressure barrel valve, the line connected with PE post carbon tub water inlet and a pressure valve, must be measures to prevent water leakage. 6. inlet pipe connection (1) of the formula water machine kitchen machine installation, the position of the inlet valve connected to an access line of the first stage filter machine tub inlet connection. (2) when mounting the machine cabinet, the cabinet to open the lower line, and export of the wire hole cover, the lead out of the power cord and through the bore tube connected at the water ball, and introduced into the cabinet The first stage machine tub to the filter inlet fitting, and then check whether the joint seepage. 7. Remove the pre-filter flushing the reverse osmosis membrane inlet housing PT short tube, inserted into a container, and open the water supply, rinse three channel filter, directly to the water clear. 8. Install the gooseneck faucet (1) with a stainless steel nailPlaying a small recess washbasins, available drill hole, note that its dimensions; then hand drill perforated surface of the groove. (2) the last fixed gooseneck faucet, gooseneck faucet need to take the lower end of PE pipe 1/4, grasp this overlapping position, and the other end connected to the outlet post carbon filter. Second, the installation of the water purifier 1. Notes quality requirements (1) to ensure that the installer water purifier water purifier water quality, water pressure, water flow, water temperature, whether the product satisfies the performance parameters of the table Claim. (2) The water quality, increased water purifier prior to pre-filter means; if the hydrostatic pressure is less than 1 kg, the booster pump should be installed in front of the water purifier; if the hydrostatic pressure is greater than 3 kg, the need to clean installed in front of the water valve. 2. Requirements The water purifier on all piping, fittings, faucets and other wading accessories should meet national health standards. 3. Do not install outdoors northern region, in order to prevent the cracking ultra filter, and should prevent direct sunlight. Not excessive force when tightening the threaded joint 4. When installed, the threaded fittings to prevent slip teeth. In summary, water purification installation has finished explaining its installation process a bit more, the construction should be noted that if the fear of being cheated businesses, large stores can buy a professional, quality-oriented. After the unexpected things encountered in the installation of water purifiers, first stop the installation, and other issues to resolve before continuing, avoid the use of inconvenience. To know more information, please continue to focus on water purifiers water purifiers Walter micro-channel public number.

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