Standing water treatment -outlet- with the coreechnology is

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   In recent years, Chinas industrialization and urbanization continue to promote the rapid economic development, but the attendant environmental problems are endless, intensified, where water pollution has become an important factor restricting Chinas economic and social development . National Bureau of Statistics data show that during 2004-2014, the countrys water consumption increased to one hundred million tons of 5,547.80 6,094.86 million tons, an increase of 9.86%, while the national total rose to 48.24 billion tons of wastewater discharged from 71.618 billion tons, growth reached 48.46 percent, showing, sewage treatment imminent. Therefore, to develop wastewater treatment technology and industrialization level, become an important way to improve the water quality of the environment, alleviate the shortage of water resources.

   With the continuous efforts to strengthen governance, "water ten" and "Thirteen Five" plan and a series of heavy-prone policies, sewage treatment industry ushered in a huge space for development. Face unlimited potential water treatment market as well as the mighty army of environmental protection enterprises, enterprises how to stand out, share a piece of the "big cake" mean? Zhen Shanghai Huali Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China environmentally friendly vibrator") technical director Gong Bentao tell Polaris environmental network: in this "war of no smoke", the China environmental Protection excitation secret weapon was standing "outlet" flow, focus on technological innovation and application of environmental protection. This Gong Tao, Hua Li Zhen is a national high-tech enterprises Tongji focus of investment in the field of environmental protection, with dozens of patents, trademarks and other intellectual property rights, created a series of advanced international and domestic leading classic products and technologies. Currently, in the field of water treatment we have a number of independent research and development process. It has its own core technology is a kind of experience?


Zhen Shanghai Huali Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Technical Director Gong Tao this (left)

   vertical fiber cloth filter help wastewater treatment plant mentioned standard transformation

   2015 "water ten" and "urban sewage treatment plant emission standards" (draft) release, the implementation of an a standard of sewage treatment facilities proposed time requirements, this means that the wastewater treatment plant DiBiao transformed into a trend. However, under "mentioned standard", while driving the development of my countrys environmental protection industry, the requirements of the relevant technologies will be improved as a whole, the corresponding increase in the cost of sewage treatment is trend. The complexity of the technical requirements for specialized operations will be higher, which lineIndustry and business, this is a challenge and an opportunity.

   this Gong Tao said, the sewage treatment plant upgrade, in essence, energy conservation, continue to simplify processes, improve efficiency, reduce investment and operating costs of the process, the use of a traditional process transformation not only big investment, but traditional technology can not meet the requirements of the low concentration of pollutant treatment discharge standards; MBR selection process, are also facing high cost burdens. Hua Li Zhen environmental protection to DiBiao upgrading of water as the theme, and actively developed a series of biological aerated filter process led to vertical fiber filter cloth as the core of a new wastewater treatment technology, new equipment. Over the past generally use process sand filters, filter wheel, etc., but its shortcomings are obvious. For example, a large area of 鈥嬧€媠and filter, can not run continuously, the fault points; rotary filter are faced with complicated maintenance, use cloth and low efficiency. Vertical fiber cloth filter can not only solve these problems, combined with chemical phosphorus removal and treatment measures can enhance water from a B to an A standard, mentioned standard transformation to meet the requirements of the sewage treatment plant.

   BIO-FAST multi-phase cycle sewage treatment equipment sewage treatment in rural crack problem

   After ten years of development, compared with the field of municipal wastewater treatment close to saturation, the rural wastewater treatment market still just a huge market need, be regarded as the next outlet water treatment market a number of environmental protection. Expects, "Thirteen Five" period, the national rural sewage treatment market is expected to be released one after another, from construction operations coupled with a total investment of 140 billion yuan.

   After the vertical fiber cloth filter open market, China vibration environment to make forward-looking decisions, formally enter the rural market. Compared to improve urban sewage treatment system, sewage treatment in rural areas has just begun. Relevant statistics show, the sewage treatment rate in rural areas is about 10%, while the sewage treatment facilities have been built, nearly 85 percent can not function properly. Where

   the problem is? Gong Tao believes this, mainly because many projects copied the model of urban sewage treatment, which bring high failure rate, complicated operation, operation and management of high cost.

   for the discharge of sewage in rural areas scattered, small amount of water, high water requirements of the characteristics of China excitation and New Rural Development Tongji University jointly developed environmentally friendly multi-phase cycle BIO-FAST sewage treatment equipment, the device has a free maintenance, high stabilityQualitative, high efficiency, low running costs, the effluent quality can achieve a B and an A standard, the real solution to the sewage treatment operation maintenance weak rural problem, the sewage treatment system can achieve the goal unattended. Currently, the sewage treatment equipment already has in more than 60 countries around the world run more than 60,000 cases, all systems operating normally, good effect, no personnel to operate, easy to maintain. In China, the China Environmental Protection excitation multi-point distribution, has been in Shanxi, Shandong and do a number of cases, and the country is gradually extended.

   In addition to the rural market, sewage purification and highway service stations, hospitals, sewage treatment scenic loop wastewater treatment process is a multi-phase target market. According to reports, the saying of the statue of Mount Tai Scenic Area, has been building more sewage treatment sites using this technology. In addition, multiple areas of the hospital Shanghai, Ningxia, also introduced the sewage treatment system.

   aimed at the market accurate layout

   In recent years, black-odor water has become the people see and feel, respond more strongly to the problem. "Water Pollution Prevention Action Plan" required to complete black-odor water management objectives, municipalities, provincial capitals by the end of 2020, plans to build a separate area of 鈥嬧€媡he city before the end of 2017 to basically eliminate black-odor water body. "City Guide rectification work of black-odor water body" proposed "to guide government, business differentiation, market-driven, public participation" specific action standards, and to "encourage government procurement of services, the implementation of urban black and odorous water remediation and post-curing PPP, etc. establishing service fees appropriation mechanism "to regulation and conservation as the main basis of performance, indicates a huge market treatment of urban black and odorous water body is about to open. China excitation environmental flow, the black-odor water body as a business focus, continuing to explore, play a functional microbial decontamination, micro-nano bubble aeration reoxygenation, cutting pollution and emergency response and other technology advantage, as wastewater treatment deserved the leader and innovators!

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