Safety and health should not be overlookeside too water puri

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   Let me talk about a recent news, a district resident suddenly became very sick, frightened landlord to open the tank. Residents open the radiator to see exactly what? I was surprised that a large number of floating waste, such as bottled urine, feces, cigarette butts and garbage and so on. Why did this happen? Surrender was actually a graduate student committed, lease, be required to clean up the garbage room, which tenants put garbage dump in the district cistern.

   In addition to one embodiment of the man-made pollution, water pollution can not be ignored. "Outlook" Reporters recent survey found that high antibiotic concentration Yangtze River basin, water damage ecosystems, drinking water safety is worrisome. Survey shows that about 40% of antibiotics were detected in the urine of pregnant women Yangtze River Delta, nearly 80% of children were detected in urine veterinary antibiotics, antibiotics have been detected disable part in the clinic, there may be serious damage to the human immune system.

   In order to ensure safety of drinking water, many people began to use later purified water, drinking water or cell installation of reverse osmosis water purification unit instead of natural drinking water. But these long-term drinking pure water, which give the body mineral content is low, in a state of hidden hunger, increasing the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis and other chronic diseases.

   visible garbage pollution and invisible pollution antibiotics and heavy metals, as well as extensive use of water, indicating that many families lack defend the family "healthy water." How to do?

   (a) primary defense is still necessary to install water purifier

   it is necessary to install water purifier, whether activated carbon water purifier, pre-filter, or simple device some of the leading style, than pretend not installed. These early primary water purification technology to treat visible contamination is still valid, you can filter out sand, rust and other large particles odors, reduce bleach odor and taste, to avoid sensory discomfort.

   (ii) Intermediate defense, need to choose the right water purifier

   Even without installing water purifiers, most Chinese people are accustomed to boil the water to drink, it is also an effective "purification means." But then why did this situation "spit on discharged" will happen? Because a lot of water pathogenic microbial species, such as E. coli, Salmonella, Shigella, hepatitis A and hepatitis E virus, polio virus, roundworm schistosomiasis, etc., etc. can not boil boil destroyAll pathogenic microorganisms.

   Primary filter or simply not boil water in a more microorganisms bacteria and viruses, but can not solve the "in vivo antibiotic exceeded", "harmful accumulation of heavy metal" and so on, so, in order to better family health care, it is necessary to choose the right water purifier.

   (1) microfiltration water purifier

   filtration accuracy of 0.1 to 50 microns, the filter material comprises PP cotton filter, activated carbon filter, ceramic filter, etc., to filter water sediment, rust, chlorine and other impurities in large particles, not deficiencies remove the water bacteria and other harmful substances.

   (2) Ultrafiltration

   a filtration accuracy of 1 nm -0.1 micron filter made of a polymer membrane (materials are cellulose derivatives, polysulfones, polyacrylonitrile, polyamide, and polycarbonate, etc., can remove rust, sediment, suspended solids, colloids, bacteria, organic molecules, deficiencies can not be filtered out heavy metal ions.

   (3) RO [123 ]

   filtration accuracy of 0.1 nm, almost all the impurities in water can be filtered off, retaining only water molecules, generally used for pure water, industrial ultrapure water, production of ultrapure water medicine. downside is the useful minerals , trace elements are also filtered out.

   from the point of view of traditional water purification technology, reverse osmosis is a more ideal choice for mid-level defense, but not the only choice. Jiangsu public television channel who interviewed the Nanjing Professor of the University environment, specifically made a "water purifier can screen out antibiotics do?" in the media. interviewed professors say, using reverse osmosis membrane technology, water purifier can really filter out antibiotics, but at the same time water also put some of the beneficial nutrients are also filtered out.

   even more noteworthy is that the film chromatographic purification technology. membrane chromatography principle draws on the emerging technologies in the field of life sciences, using a certain aperture film as a medium connection ligand, using the interaction between the ligand and the membrane separation and purification of target molecules. chromatographic purification membrane yarn longitudinal sectional single row line, one hundred billion densely distributed negative charge electrons, forming heavy metal ion adsorption group, heavy metal ions may be securely locked in the film. when a large flux of water through the hollow fiber membranes, 99.99% of the bacteria, viruses, organic matter is filtered off and most of the impurities, a small molecule calciumMagnesium and other minerals to remain.

   authoritative testing showed that the membrane chromatography purification machine side too, lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic removal rate achieved with the same reverse osmosis technology, and calcium, magnesium, sodium and other elements almost constant no interception. The total organic content filtering effect is also very good, can filter out bacteria, viruses, antibiotics, pesticide residues and other harmful microbes can not be detected TDS and organic compounds.

   (c) advanced protection, so that every water purifier to be healthy source of water

   safety and health, are two sides of drinking water. Left to talk about health safety is a castle in the air, leaving a healthy trade-off will talk about safety. So, the family needs to take into account the health and safety of drinking water and establish a sense of quality drinking water.

   WHO (World Health Organization) had clear recommendations for high-quality drinking water. Through a lot of investigation results of the World longevity areas of analysis, high-quality drinking water standards, which one is - should contain the right amount of water beneficial to human health, was ionic state minerals. Although foods rich in minerals elements, but mineral elements in food in chelated state, does not help the body absorb mineral elements in the water at all in the free state, the absorption rate can be as high as 90%.

   only the safety and health into account, is the quality of drinking water. Only selective filtering in order to build a family for a long-term drinking water health. As early as 2012, it has been in the side too began to study water purification technology. The face of inadequate technology industry, side too which lasted eight years, billion of funds on investment, the formation of more than 50 research and development team of experts to carry out tests to verify thousands of times, and finally invented the heavy metal that removes both, while retaining the "NSP membrane minerals double-effect chromatographic purification technology, "the expert water quality testing organization called" 20 years of industry-leading "black science and technology, we believe that behind every film chromatographic purification machines, is a real family" healthy water. "



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