618 Suning set up with dozens of brand-free bucket of water

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   consumption upgrade channels, hardware, technical upgrades of the driving forces become more apparent.

   May 28, Suning joint Chinese Academy of household appliances, water purification HC network and the United States, Whirlpool, Patio, Angel, AO Smith, Haier, nine-yang, 3M, cloud meters, dozens of brands jointly set free bucket of water purification hwan new alliance, "no clean water bucket rejuvenation program" has finally exposed.


   It is understood that this is the water industry will no bucket of water purification hwan newly established brand alliance. Suning will open simultaneously without clean water bucket Hwan new subsidies during the 618.

   as a dividing line to 5000 yuan, 5,000 yuan for consumers to buy a barrel of water purification equipment to non-subsidized 300 yuan, 5,000 yuan more than $ 500 a.

   "2019 China water purifier industry development report" shows that in 2018, Chinese water purification equipment market reached 14.35 million units and 386 million yuan. According to an authoritative industry forecast, the Chinese water market in the next 5-10 years will have a 45% rate of sustained growth.

   grass easily, difficult to upgrade. At present, the first generation of household water purification equipment materials aging period ushered in general, there are barrels of water purification equipment service life for too long will produce harmful substances, causing serious secondary pollution of water purification.

   The 618, Suning in subsidies, while no new barrel-hwan, will jointly launch major brand Black & no bucket of water purification equipment, water purification area under the line synchronization relying on experience to carry out diverse activities to accelerate the popularization no barrels of water purification equipment.

   According to reports, Su Ning as early as July 2018 had been the first to introduce water purifier trade-in service. During the National Renewal Festival in March 2019, jointly launched numerous brand new free bucket of water purification equipment. The establishment of the new alliance without clean water bucket-hwan, an important weight Suning TM to accelerate kitchen electric ring.

   It is reported that during the 618 Suning will open the national water purifier hwan new registration channels, consumer photo successfully uploaded the old machine, you can receive subsidies hwan new electronic coupons, capable of reaching when Suning stores to buy water purification products .

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