White Paper on Chinas water industry to form the consumof 20

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   2019 to 2020 show the current situation and development of Chinas water purification, air purification industry, clean the knowledge society and consumer science to clean water and air, to guide rational consumption Consumer Sciences and proper use, China Association for quality inspection China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, Chinese air purification industry alliances, PRC, market research institutions launched the preparation of "2019-- 2020 China water industry consumer White Paper", "2019-- 2020 China air purification industry consumer White Paper "written work, and in 2019 held a" two net "consumer White Paper on the preparation of the first meeting and start discussions. The meeting identified the outline of the framework of the white paper, the basic content, as a public service work, the preparation of the White Paper has been concerned about the degree of recognition and authority of society.

   In order to ensure 2019- 2020 "two net" the successful completion of the preparation of the White Paper industry consumption further promote related work, I will be held online on the "two net" Consumer White Paper on the preparation of the second seminar. Now meeting the matter as follows:

   First, the meeting time, in the form

   Meeting time: 2020 June 12 9: 00-16: 00

   meeting format : Tencent meeting

   Second, the meeting content

   (a) introduction of preparation 2019- 2020 "two net" consumer White Paper;

   (b) to discuss the "two net "White Paper draft content;

   (iii) determine the" White Paper "preparation schedule.

   Accessories: two net consumption of white paper industry participants receipt form




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