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   went to the annual, chop hand Party Carnival "double eleven !!!" I believe many people are already shopping cart full to the brim, waiting for a time to: buy! buy! buy! Every time this kind of what I believe we will not buy, I feel sorry for all the idea of 鈥嬧€媡his day.

   For two-eleven to replace appliances, household products and other expensive consumer goods is indeed a choice. The major domestic brands have also trotted out the "full sincerity," the temptation to discount, arrived now, sweepstakes and other forms of activity dazzling. I do not know he tried to "cut the hand" Have you ever been EYE shake it?

   In response to this phenomenon, we took to the streets, randomly selected consumers of different ages were interviewed, rich in content, a lot of verse, full of fun and full of dry goods.

   Come see how we speak to two-eleven! You might be able to find the "cut the hand" of inspiration Oh!



   a Q1: two-eleven going to buy


   [buy one ready to hand chop it?? ! Praise for the courage to point big brother, Xiao Bian strength admire! Keke, more than two-eleven to buy buy buy, as well as single bear to care Oh! ]






[It seems we have a two-eleven going to do. Big Brother last strength pet wife! We see here is not with the "cut the hand" inspired by it?

   a Q2: if given the opportunity, are willing to use it subject to change favorite things?



[ladies are so real? But if asked Xiao Bian, Xiao Bian also willing! ! ]

   men to look at how to say -




[you men are really strong desire to survive it! For you to play the crazy CALL!]

   Well! Xiao Bian will not play through it. More exciting content, please watch the current street interviews show!


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