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   regarding water purifier, we all know that the need for regular cleaning and maintenance to replace the filter, this will ensure a healthy water quality, to prevent secondary pollution, but what when to change the filter it? Need to be replaced after prolonged use of net household water purifiers most water filter cartridge, but those who are not engaged in household water purifiers work is unclear when to replace the filter is better. And there are a lot of after-sales staff also told us that only water purifier filter life, because not clear how local water quality, it can not give definitive filter replacement time. So how do we determine whether the need to replace the water purifier filter it


   First:? Water purification of water is reduced. Under the same conditions (e.g., the same pressure and temperature), the water purifier system is reduced. It is likely to be blocked by the filter, such as a water purifier filter close to its useful life, you need to water purifier replacement filter.

   Second: RO reverse osmosis water purifier made fast. Water purifiers water significantly accelerated the appearance is like, this is generally because of damage caused by the RO membrane, then we have to replace a new RO membranes, water purifiers otherwise would completely lose filter function.

   Third: water purifier estimated time to filter life is 80%. Life of the filter cartridge is ideal term use of water purifiers, we all know, the ideal and the reality is that there are gaps. In fact, serious water pollution district, filter simply no way to use such a long time. Water quality good place not suggest that you wait until the filter change was overdue. We generally use the replacement time to reach their ideal life in the filter about 80% of the time.

   Fourth: water purification water taste bad. Like This happens because too many impurities and bacteria filtration water purifier filter, accumulate in the filter at a time is too long, causing secondary pollution of tap water. This is also telling us that the need to replace the filter.

   We can determine whether to replace water purification filters, and if the filter also spaced relatively far over the period, so we only need to clean the filter by the above four methods. Regular cleaning water purifier filter water purifier filter will help to extend the service life. In addition, to remind you to replace the water purifier filter cartridge is best to use the same brand of the same model, if it is difficult to find the same model, you can purchase common water purifier filter to replace.

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