Plastic cup with what the material

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   in our daily life used plastic cups are made out of what material. This material is for our bodies there is no harm. We live in a plastic cup is a lot of time. Find out about the knowledge.




plastic cups we use is what material do? Lives when we use plastic cups are very much. This material is harmful to our bodies do. Look at home drinking little knowledge. Usually also it should be noted that our drinking water equipment is safe.


1, PP polypropylene material up to now is the most secure part of a food packaging material, since the catalyst system is relatively safe adjuvants, and relatively high temperature in itself, so the PP material used in the food packaging article particularly high. But the PP cup is not obvious and transparent as PC.


2, PC polycarbonate material having a high temperature, transparency is very good, if the light transmittance of the PC 100, the light transmittance of only 80. PP and PC material strength is high. But the PC material is easy to release a small amount of bisphenol A, is now the focus of international debate in this was.


3, PC, PET, PS, etc. can make a special cup he cast transparent product, which is mainly due to the previously selected more of these materials. But PET, PS disadvantage is more brittle, low temperature, water can not be too many times Sheng. Now we are more accepted or PP material, PE polyethylene health performance is relatively good, but more soft, generally do a film based flexible packaging products and cosmetics.


In our daily life, there are many times overlooked something, we should pay attention to their own health familys health. Lifes little details possible, bring us a big problem, so we have to understand. A small plastic cup in the end what is material made of. Which cup to drink the safest we should help you understand what kind of use.




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