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  Water purifier which brand is better? The current epidemic selected purifier Mi publishing site: www.watersz.com Published: 2020-04-01 At the beginning of 2020, an epidemic caught off guard, sounded the alarm to the people of family health and epidemic prevention, and health are closely related appliances products more and more attention, and these include water purification products. We all know that more harmful substances in tap water, even boiling water can not completely eliminate all hazardous substances, drinking water safety is a growing concern. Undoubtedly, the emergence of safe drinking water purifier to provide a reliable protection, more and more consumers began to use water purification products to solve family safe drinking water. Although in recent years, consumer demand for water purifier market is growing year by year, but at the same time also increasing market competition, the endless stream of other products that consumers get confused, but not more then a big gimmick, such as water purifiers come true really, water purifiers under the epidemic is more worthy of installation, and in this one and we recommend a water purifiers top ten brands: Walter Walter water purification Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd., is a focus on household net water areas of high-tech enterprises, the water industry is one of Chinas most influential brands, water purifier manufacturers. Company under a manufacturing center, an office center and a technology test center. Company size among the forefront of the industry, is now one of the largest in southern China water purifier business. All along, Walter to "promote the application of low-carbon human health of water purification technology, clean water for human life has brought peace of mind to enjoy" for enterprise mission, continues to focus on research and development of membrane separation technology and water purification products design and manufacturing, and ultrafiltration membranes, reverse osmosis membrane core areas for in-depth investment, dedicated to providing water purification systems solutions for home users and business users. According to global water demand, launched the "whole house water purification systems, water purification systems kitchen, kitchen drinking water purification systems, home water systems, potable water systems and enterprises special water system," the six water purification systems solutions.

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