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  Core Tip: Many families have already installed a water purifier, further strengthening family life, water security, but also enhance the quality of life. In my personal example, since my family

   Now many families have been fitted with a water purifier, to further strengthen the security of family life water, but also enhance the quality of life. In my personal example, since I installed home water purification machines, particularly comfortable with it, cook vegetables or drinking are more at ease. May you have the habit of drinking water after water purifier filter, like water in companies and other public places, do not always feel comfortable at home with.

   In recent years, water softeners gradually appeared in public view, more and more people doubt water purifiers and water softeners are not the same? Many people these water purifier and water softener mistaken for a type, in order to facilitate a better understanding of these two products, I will water softener and purifier made some difference contrast.




Water Softener

   one difference: the principle of different

   The main purifier actually two techniques, RO reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration. Activated carbon adsorption apparatus, PP cotton and to achieve high purity water purification KDF filter, can effectively eliminate the water, sediment, rust, suspended solids, colloids, bacteria, viruses, organic molecules and other harmful substances.

   and the mainly water softener softening are two techniques, ion exchange resin technology and nanocrystalline technology. It refers to an ion exchange resin principle: removal of water calcium and magnesium ions, reducing water hardness, to achieve the effect of hard water into soft water by the ion exchange resin. Another nanocrystalline technology, i.e. Template Asisted Crystallization (crystalline auxiliary module), high energy nanocrystals generated, the free water calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate ion packaged into nano crystals, thereby preventing the generation of free ions scale.

   Difference between the two: the use of different

   water purification function effectively eliminate harmful substances, improve the security of domestic water, and to improve the taste. In particular RO reverse osmosis water purifier, water can remove heavy metals and antibiotics and other harmful substances. butHigh purity water treatment costs, as part of our daily drinking water, it is a good choice too.

   The water softener mainly calcium and magnesium ions in tap water to remove, reduce water hardness to convert hard water into soft water, soft water and free of, or contain less calcium and magnesium ions, they are not easily combined with soap , soap scum residues are formed. So wash your face with soft water, can enhance the skins moisturizing functions, for her hair, it will make the hair more smooth. But we do not recommend direct drinking water softener.

   three differences: the two different post-maintenance

   purifier multi-use activated carbon adsorption, PP cotton and high-purity water purification effect achieved KDF filter, but the filter has a limited life, the need for regular replacement and maintenance. Mainly through the water softener resin removing water calcium ion, magnesium ion exchange, reducing water hardness. There is no need to replace the filter, and other hardness ions adsorbed on the resin is saturated, by replacing the regenerated material (rejuvenation salt) to regenerate the resin so as to continue to produce soft water.

   above, principle and utility from the point of view, a water purifier and water softener functions belonging to two different products. Water purifiers make our lives healthier water safety, water softeners and beauty, can make the skin more healthy, enhance the skins ability to moisturize, play better absorption of skin care products, make the skin more moist. It can be said, water purifiers and water softeners are good to improve our quality of life choice, both anyone who can not be replaced.

   Why water softener increasingly popular?

   This is because we generally use tap water contains high calcium and magnesium ions, are hard, if hard water wash, then calcium and magnesium ions which readily cleanser and soap scum residue to form , dirt and soap residue will continue to rub our skin, leading to skin sebum membrane damage, the cuticle will be damaged, not lock moisture in the skin, absorption of skin care products will deteriorate, the skin naturally becomes the foundation a more fragile variety of skin problems are also frequent. And then wash your face with soft water, can protect the skin sebum film is not compromised, enhance the skins ability to retain moisture, sebum membrane repair damaged, play better absorption of skin care products.

   Cosmetic effect according to SGS Laboratory (many big names will be in cosmeticsThis lab product efficacy testing) laboratory certification, with soft water wash, seven days can quickly enhance facial skin moisture 37.9%, 28 days to reduce moisture loss of 35.1%, which illustrates the effect of soft water.

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