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  [China] net water purifier venture capital risk, selection need to be cautious, especially in the new industry, it is important to choose a good brand, even though market chaos, but backed by a good shade tree is unchanged. A strong brand manufacturers in terms of improvement and market influence investment policy are small brand manufacturers unattainable. But what measure is it good or bad brand, what manufacturers can be called a good manufacturer?

   brand water purifier manufacturers do not choose to see the wrong path

   and down

   brand influence [123 ]

   brand influence is a measure of how much a brand in the industry, the most important component of the standard, the brand needs a positive influence advertising and unlimited expansion, direct expression is: how many people are using this water purifiers, if a They are not, so what brand.


   Quality is the cornerstone of the brand and carriers, but also the brands life, both good brand value brand in front of the pace of development, but also pay attention to the brands remote planning.


   the image of many different kinds, the first one is the visual image, including the appearance of the product, to have the characteristics of the times and the human spirit, reasonable design, advanced technology, to maximize reflect the people-oriented ideology; the second is a cultural image, the image of the brand culture core competitive advantage, with strong penetration and appeal, is the core of the brand image.

   brand of service

   service is an extension of product quality, to reflect a brand of determination and attitude of the person in charge. Water purifier is a special household appliances, the requirements of service can be said to be more important than to buy, so choose have a perfect system of water purification equipment sales service is your wise choice!

   brand the strength of the

   including soft and hard power, soft power refers to the brands ability to innovate, cultural characteristics, quality of personnel and brand planning, hard power refers to the brand of hardware devices, including workshops, offices, laboratories Device Configuration. Good technology, good people, good equipment in order to produce reliable products!

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