The new urban sewage dischargstandards coming soon _ Americ

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  The new urban sewage discharge standards coming soon Author: Tim net water purification Views: 586 Published: 2015-11-18 10:19:28 Tim net water purifier finishing Share: Ministry of Environmental Protection recently issued emission standards for municipal wastewater treatment related Send your feedback draft. The existing standards was adjusted to 62 103, containing contaminant expanded items, improved contaminant detection method. "Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Pollutant Emission Standards" (GB 18918-2002) was first released in 2002, and most recent revision is the first release of information, and the contents of this revision includes: 1. Adjust the urban sewage discharge standards range, providing wastewater services company or institution if provided wastewater treatment services to more than two and sewage units (except for the same type of industry), to be subject to the relevant provisions. 2. The level control is canceled whereabouts sewage contamination 3. Item 4. Some increase pollutant emissions items required to improve special discharge 6. The improved cancellation of water pollutants limit emissions of air pollutants in claim 7. The total number of bacteria hierarchical control indicators on line 8 contaminants in sludge control standard limits are canceled 9. update the monitoring and analysis methods criteria pollutants. Household water purifiers are summarized small series, the raw sewage discharge standards indicators 19, now increased total nickel, benzo (a) pyrene 2. The selection control projects, the original 43 is changed to 82, wherein the metal projects increased 11, inorganic projects increase an organics projects increased by 20, pesticide projects increased 7, comprehensive toxicity index increased by one.

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