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   benefited from economic development, air conditioners, water heaters and other home appliances became a class of consumers just need to, market demand is gradually increasing. In accordance with data show that from the beginning of 2019, the market scale of Chinas water purifier reached 57.2 billion yuan, but the growth rate is slowing. Orville cloud network data released in April 2020 retail sales next line water purifier market is only 37,600, zero sales of 159 million yuan, compared to the same period in 2018, retail sales declined by 32.78%.


   In the case of the water heater industry slowdown, there is the emergence of the brand grew, the most prominent is the giant water purifier from the United States A.O. Smith. Its obvious advantages in terms of sales, with a 34.84% market share in the United States and Haier beat promoted industry first, the result, which shows the strength of A.O. Smith.


   According to public information:. A.O Smith was founded in 1874, entered China in 1998, has now quietly fishing for gold in China for 22 years. Relying on a complete research and development, after-sale system, A.O. Smith in the country accumulated a lot of popularity, sales volume is climbing. In the recently released "Internet Week" "Top 2020 heater", which is by virtue of its influence beyond the TCL and other home appliance brands.


   Throughout the development of AO Smith, as a foreign brand, it is able to gain a firm foothold in the Chinese market, and achieved good results, rather than pay close attention to product quality, focus R & D has a very close relationship. As early as 2005, the company in Nanjing formally established a global research and development center, owned by the technical staff of a hundred people, investment for research totaled 400 million yuan. With the increase of revenue, for research also increases.


   With technology as a support, the companys products won the favor of consumers naturally. Over time, the advantage in the Chinese market will stand out. However, as market competition intensifies, A.O. Smith wants to rely on R & D this trick wanted to gain a firm foothold in the market, obviously there are some difficulties. To this end, the company is also marketing the product up and down the foot work.


   and a pure promotional marketing-oriented live different, A.O. Smith is a way to help live their brand strength and product selling points alienation presented to the consumer, so that consumers can get the most valuable product information in a very short period of time. Meanwhile, the company encourages employees in accordance with the characteristics of different products, with a more lively, more experience a sense of fashion product promotion to the user.

   This unique and has a differentiated marketing approach, it is easy to enable consumers to distinguish A.O. Smith products and other branded products area. Even when the industry slowdown, A.O. Smiths revenue also rose.

   In view of you, A.O. Smiths future development will happen then?

   (Source: Technology Business Insight, invasion deleted)

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