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   October 14, 2016, the first standard certification Shenzhen Andrews smartphone, infant textile and clothing, bras and other livelihood wooden desk key products to carry out pilot certification, the first batch of eight leading enterprises of nine high-quality products to receive this winning, then, these enterprises will further strengthen its position in key enterprises in Shenzhen, it has been sound and rapid development. December 22, 2016, the second meeting was held in Shenzhen standard certification again in Hansi Dun water purification equipment, water purification and this certification is enterprise products.

   at 3:00 on December 22 afternoon, the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervisory Authority meeting in Hansi Dun. The participation in the meeting were Deputy Director of Standards at the Shenzhen market supervision bureau chief Zhangmin Yi and Zhou Yunpeng, deputy director of Shenzhen Institute of Standards and Technology standard and Research Center researcher Shu Ren Xiaoyong Wang Lijuan, Secretary General of Shenzhen Municipal Water Purifier Industry Association Wang Feng and Deputy Secretary-General there are mysterious, and served as director of executive vice president of the Association of Hansi Dun water purification company Wen Chun Wai. Meeting key enterprises in Shenzhen to create high-quality product standardization issues to discuss.

   first introduced the relevant policies and systems of evaluation criteria advanced by the Deputy Director Zhang Minyi Shenzhen. Deputy Director Zhang said: the current water purifier market is chaotic, in order to better safeguard and protect consumers get a good water purification products, the government wants to implement new standards for certification of water purification products, good control over their products, to market production out of products strictly, the Shenzhen outstanding enterprise bundled together as Shenzhen important business support, leading enterprises better and faster development. Meanwhile, Deputy Director Zhang believes the product selected must be the international brand of advanced production technology and quality leader in the domestic first-class enterprise product as the standard. Deputy Director Zhang is recognized Hansi Dun enterprise, not just think Hansi Dun domestic first-class enterprises, the products developed water purification technology and quality are far ahead of the industry, and suggested that with one or two selected from Hansi Dun representative products as the industry quality standards.

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