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   water purifier water pollution as a product of the times, the family drinking water problem in China in recent years has been good solution, water purifiers joined the agency market opportunities and broad prospects, the face of this sunrise industry, many traditional investors appliances more development into the water purification industry, water purification potential compared to other industries, and the strong support of national environmental protection industry, good business opportunities in our water purifier market prospects.

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   In recent years the rapid development of water purification, attracting thousands of businesses crazy influx of tens of thousands of investors see this big cake, have wanted to seize the opportunity to capture the market . It is undeniable that the water purifier market competition becomes more intense, the overall market is also getting into the standardized road. Trying to rely on speculation, earn quick money companies and brands have been difficult to survive in this area. Todays water industry has been gradually standardized, on the right track.

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   Chinas current water purification industry is entering a "quantitative" to the process of "qualitative change" in the water purifier brand, technology, products and services are rising, such as past price war into a brand warfare, technology warfare, war service. Because of this, innovation has become the development of water purification industry trends, become a topic of concern to water purifier manufacturers.

   water purifier manufacturers that: "water purifier innovation must be a real departure from the consumer demand, product design should be for consumers, allowing consumers the convenience and ease to use, rather than indulge in something new, create some unrealistic, no gimmicks only practical water purification products. innovation to bring value to customers, in the popular innovation today, only bring value to customers and innovative in order to truly achieve market value, but also the ultimate goal to achieve innovation. At the same time, innovation must focus on innovation and the associated integration. "

   looked around, the water purification market product homogeneity serious, single product, product gimmicks overwhelming, but really by consumers favorite water purifier products in the minority.

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   water purifier product innovation is the theme of water purifier manufacturers to survival and development, under the current water purifier market demand with each passing day, intense and brutal competition in the market situation, water purification agents, water purifiers is joined to win in the marketplace, to grasp the initiative in competition, we must first choose the right brand products, changes in consumer demand.

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