Stainless steel cup is how odor generated

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   In our daily lives, there are many stainless steel products, stainless steel cup when why sometimes produce a special smell it below with your look?.




stainless steel products not only durable and corrosion, but also play a sterilization, self-cleaning effect, it is one of the best selection of cutlery. However, the use of stainless steel products, can often be smelled or tasted a strange smell, for example, when using a stainless steel cup to drink water with his tongue to touch the stainless steel rim of the glass when often can smell or taste the unique flavor of stainless steel how the taste is selected?


all you skin contact with the surface of iron oxide on the skin fat is a trace amount of the iron metal ion catalyzed decomposition of stainless steel, a metallic taste, mainly into small molecular aldehydes and ketones, people smell the taste of aldehydes and ketones, in spite of very low concentrations, but our humanity itself is very sensitive to chemical odors, so we can detect this odor.


In addition to stainless steel, slight odor of chemical reactions, there are several reasons:


Since a stainless steel utensils in the production process in order to make the product has some special properties, the anti-acid properties or corrosion resistance, after the forming condensate ling, will watered with machined manner syrup to polish. Especially after finishing the process of forming the adhered oil like substances.


2. In the factory, for packaging or aesthetic considerations, there may be some process. When stainless steel products and packaging factory organics adhering to the stainless steel is one of the causes of odor.


2020-06-05 Xiao Bian odor of stainless steel cup is how did a brief introduction of harmful stainless steel cutlery if you want to know, and more knowledge of the family and home drinking water safety knowledge, please Stay tuned to our website, hoping to content 2020-06-05 can be helpful to you.




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