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   In fact, the domestic water purifier culture is also very interesting, because experts do not know too much to understand, or parrot too many people, a lot of clean water sector often spread rumors with the facts, rumor prevalent in this years of household water purifiers there are six major cognitive errors!

   first, the higher the better precision filter

   water purification products can not just filtering accuracy, but look filtered water quality. Now, water pollution mainly organic pollution and chemical contamination based, water purifiers to filter organic pollution and chemical contamination, to remove impurities, chlorine, bleach, pesticides and fertilizers, heavy metals, etc., to ensure the safety and health of water quality.



(Source: grand Icahn water purifier public number, invasion deleted)

   Second, do not change the water filter cartridge

   there are many brands on the market has been claimed that its products do not replace the filter water purifier, and even some sales in front of customers deliberately do not mention replace the filter, remember, is currently on the market are 100% water purifier filter cartridge needs to be replaced! physical filtration methods are used, think about it, the dirty water inside those things are to be isolated or adsorption filter together, over time, is not it terrible?



(source: grand Icahn water purifier public number, invasion deleted)

   third, the small molecules of water safer and more nutritious

   first mention, the chemical formula of water is H2O, regardless of electrolysis, fire, dissolve or be versatile, as long as the water is, the formula is H2O, identified by authorities, small molecule of water is a lie!

   According to the national health and Family Planning Commission enacted in October 1, 2013 since implementation of the "relating to drinking water hygiene and safety product label instructions Practice" Article VI, wading product labels and instructions shall not be marked:

   (a) express or implied content with the role of prevention and treatment of disease; [ 123]

   (b) false, exaggerated, so that consumers misunderstand or deceptive text, graphics and unrelated to the drinking water content;

   (c) "acidic water", "alkaline water "," activated water "," small molecules of water "," functional water "," water energy "," oxygen-rich water "and so on;


   (Source: grand Icahn water purifier public number, invasion deleted)


   Fourth, the better the filter of the series

   Some consumers believe that more than one filter will be more of a security, and in fact not the case. People know that a home water purifier filter should be changed regularly, but in the end which replace the filter it? Like to replace all the high cost. Therefore, the filter series is not possible, a different filter replacement time is not the same, according to the water quality should be for their own family area, a reasonable choice.


   (Source: grand Icahn water purifier public number, invasion deleted)


   Fifth, water purifier service life as long as possible

   some manufacturers claim that the water purifier can be used for many years, said that without the replacement cycle of the filter. In fact, with the accumulation of microbial growth is the use of time while there. According to the frequency of use and time to replace the filter in time, to ensure clean water quality is critical. Therefore, the manufacturers claim that the water purifier how long service life and can not be trusted.


   (Source: grand Icahn water purifier public number, invasion deleted)


   Sixth, magnetic water treatment

   magnetization the concept was first proposed water industry, agriculture, and is used for the benefit of one party, the rise of the market for drinking magnetized water, magnetized water has produced since the role of health insurance many of magnetized water on the human body, many older people are often drinking, However, according to the national health and Family Planning Commission Peoples Republic of China (MOH) Notice No. 10 of 2005, wading product must not claim to have health benefits. All claimed that magnetic water treatment machines, can call the police.

   (Source: grand Icahn water purifier public number, invasion deleted)

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